Thursday, October 19, 2006

Baby Names and Such

I feel at a loss at what to do, but will adjust. By this time in our last two pregnancies, we already knew the sex of our babies, and we were using their names. Anytime we spoke of each, we would use their name. Everything was ready way before their arrivals. When they were born, they were so used to hearing their names, that they seemed to respond early on to their names. By the time we got to the car after each sonogram, their names were in stone -- Caleb Reece and Josiah Preston. They were actually both pretty set from the time we found out we were pregnant with each, Caleb's especially. Josiah could have been Jacob if Caleb could have chosen, but Daddy really wanted Josiah and I liked it as well.

And now we have nameless baby Mackey. Poor thing. We really haven't even finalized a boy name and a girl name. The boy name will definitely be Biblical and we're trying to decide if we should keep with the Biblical names if it's a girl. I have a feeling we'll continue with a Biblical name even if it is a girl. If we have a boy, the nursery he will never use will be ready, but if we have a girl, it's a completely different story. She will arrive to a cradle in our room which she will use much more than a crib in the nursery unless she turns out completely different than our boys and sleeps through the night. And then there is the question of what to take to the hospital. It will be March, so is that short sleeve or long? Do I buy a boy outfit and a girl outfit or a neutral outfit. Should I have a few pink gowns at home in case it's a girl until I can go shopping or do I go neutral? Questions, questions. I plan to finalize all of this come January. But any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.

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Panda-Mom said...

This is simple. Just find out what the baby is and TELL US!!!!! ; )