Monday, October 30, 2006

Go, Go

Josiah coming back in after playing outside

Previously, I posted that we were in the process of getting Josiah comfortable around the potty with the goal of understanding how to use the potty before the baby is born. He can go pee-pee when he really wants to in the potty. He can also not go on the potty and run into another room a minute later and pee-pee on the floor. I don't make a big deal out of it since it is making him aware of his need to go to the bathroom. I just clean up the mess and tell him that pee-pee goes in the potty.

Tonight, I really wish I had had my camera upstairs. I was sitting at the computer. Josiah had just finished his bath and was enjoying running around the house naked. All of a sudden, I hear him say go, go. That is part of our routine when we practice going potty. We sing a song and talk about going pee-pee. I decided I better check on him. When I did, he was standing in the big potty (feet in the water) saying go, go and thinking he was pretty smart about the entire thing. I did my best not to laugh too much. I'm glad to see he initiated going potty himself (not sure if he actually went), so hopefully in a few more months, it will be an easy task. Just thought I'd share this funny little story with you.

Josiah also rediscovered the doggy door tonight. At one point a few months ago, he thought it was pretty cool that he could crawl through, but tonight I could see freedom in his eyes as he crawled through the doggy door. After he would crawl through, he'd get up and wave at us and then start playing. And he knows how to crawl back in. We will just have to make sure that the doggy door is closed during school since he likes to come downstairs at various times while Caleb and I are doing school.

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