Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's a Western Fence Lizard

Josiah enjoys watching the crickets

The best picture of Mark

Caleb with Mark (notice the blue markings )

Let's just say that after tonight, I have never invested so much time in one small lizard. He does not know how good he has it. After Caleb went to Kidquest this afternoon, our entire family went to Petsmart including the lizard (we left our dog at home). I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into or I think I would have lovingly suggested we free this helpless little creature. As soon as we walked into Petsmart, an employee immediately greeted us, asked Caleb about his creature and calmly stated that the lizard was in distress. She went on to let us know that we had a Blue-belly lizard. And then she proceeded to let us know what kind of habitat this Blue-belly needed. We would need a bigger cage (Caleb had him in an old hermit crab cage), calci- sand, a heat lamp, a water bowl, and live food, meaning crickets. On top of that, we would need to mist him when we got home because he was looking so poorly. We asked if she thought he would make it and she didn't know except he didn't look so good. She also spoke to Caleb saying that the lizard, name changed to Mark, might not make it and would Caleb prefer to let him go and look into getting a different pet. Caleb said he would be okay if Mark died. We were told that if he didn't make it they had other lizards that we could purchase from them. The good news is that if he pulls through, the lady has known a couple of these that have lived a good life of 10 years. Can you see me with a lizard, buying crickets every week, for ten whole years?

Once we got home, Kerry set up the new habitat, misted Mark, and freed the crickets to hopefully be eaten. Mark is still alive but still not looking well. Upon further research, I found out that it is actually called a Western Fence Lizard and very common where we live. They are commonly referred to as the Blue-belly because the male lizards have blue markings on their chest/neck area. So, we have boy. I could find no info on the life expectancy. I'll let you know if Mark pulls through.

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RyAnn said...

So glad that it is at your house and not mine! I hope he makes it. The pictures are great! I would like to see a picture of you and Mark!