Monday, October 09, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

The boys looking for their pumpkins

Mommy with her "three" (I'm starting to look

Caleb, Josiah and Nana

Caleb, Mommy, and Josiah

It was so hard this year to catch both boys looking at the camera at the same time. By the time Josiah was looking, Caleb was closing his eyes due to the light or making some silly face. I can't even imagine the chaos of trying this with three next year (the picture part), but I will try and hopefully succeed. I'm sure part of it has to do with my camera, it is slow taking pictures. I may start switching back and forth from my digital to my Nikon again. The Nikon takes pictures so much faster and with a fast moving 1 year old, it is needed. The digital is so nice to see pictures right away and to post on the blog. I'm thankful that I have both.


Panda-Mom said...

Awwwe...poor Mark. ; ) You look AMAZING and your boys are very Americana! I love seeing them together and so cute! Our playgroup is trying to figure out which pumpkin patch to go to in the next couple of weeks. Pics to come!

Mary Beth said...

You look adorable!

Kristi said...

HEy girl-- you are starting to "look" pregnant! How fun! My sister just found out she is having a girl- they are excited- but a bit scared as well! We are headed to the pumpkin patch in the next few weeks! I hope to post this weekend with pictures from our state fair adventure!