Tuesday, October 31, 2006

That Nesting Thing

I go through nesting phases when I become pregnant. With Caleb, I came home about a month and a half before he was born with paint and border after we had decided on just paint. Poor Kerry, he had to do all the painting himself. I helped a little with the border. Since I was working full time, I didn't have as much time to nest as I did with Josiah. I did do a lot of nesting while at school though. I had all of my lesson plans made and activities all ready, materials purchased, etc. before Caleb was born. I guess that would count too. Josiah's was much worse. I think I started nesting before I even knew I was pregnant. I tore down the wallpaper in the half bath and the kitchen (a major undertaking). We also painted the half bath, guest bedroom, kitchen, and family room. On top of that, I received an antique roll top desk from a family member that required some fixing up. Once again, Kerry got to do a lot of these jobs.

And now with pregnancy three, I'm starting to experience that nesting thing again. Saturday afternoon, I decided I wanted to redo Caleb's closet, not just rearrange clothes and toys. I took the book shelf and rod completely down. I took the boys to Lowe's to get a new rod and shelf. Kerry had the privilege of having to put up everything once he got home. I have to say I'm pleased with the results. Caleb can actually reach his own clothes now. If my wonderful husband only knew the ideas I have in my head, he would be really really tired just thinking about them. I would love to redo Josiah's closet, our closet, repaint almost the entire house, and I'm sure a few other things. I can handle painting with the windows all open. I will definitely need help with the closets though. I'm not good at finding the studs in the walls. I'll keep everyone posted on my nesting as this pregnancy continues.

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