Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You Brought Home a What!?

Yesterday, the boys and I ran a few errands in the late afternoon when I got a call from Kerry. He asked how our day was going and what we were up to. He even went on to say what time he was planning on getting home since he was having some guys over to work on motorcycle stuff. Then he brings up the big news of the day, news I was not expecting to hear. My darling husband, devoted father of two boys caught a lizard/gecko inside his office. He put it in a cup and put a lid on it to bring home to Caleb. This is the man who knows how much I do not like bugs and creatures of that sort. Other people know my dislike of lizards. Mike, our neighbor when we lived in Fort Worth, had to come over when Kerry was out of town to catch a lizard inside our house. Another time, I refused to sleep in our house since a lizard was still running loose. And another time, my sister helped get a lizard back out the window when we lived in Arlington.

But Kerry's love for his little boy who has a passion for the above mentioned creatures prompted him to bring it home. I told Caleb in the car that Daddy had a surprise for him when we got home. He begged me to tell him, but I did not reveal the surprise. When we finally made it home, he was so surprised. You should have heard him when he told me what Daddy had brought him. I told him the lizard could not live in the house. I did find the old hermit crab cage with a big rock for the lizard. I finally told Caleb I would allow the lizard in the house, but he was never to open the cage inside the house. And at bedtime, the lizard had to be in his cage on the kitchen table or outside. He is thrilled beyond words and talks to his lizard constantly. The lizard has been named Blue Chin Lizard. I have told the boys that they need to go to the pet store to see about food and water. It is also a motivator for Caleb to listen the first time since I told him we would set it free if he could not listen. So far so good. We have no idea what kind it is, but Caleb is in love. I've tried several times to get a good picture, but they keep turning out blurry. I'll keep trying and one of these days introduce the newest family member.

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Panda-Mom said...

No-way! No-how! Can't do it! I am very proud of you for gritting your teeth and letting the boys have a love that crawls really, really fast. Have fun. : )