Thursday, November 23, 2006


Caleb (This is what happens to Caleb's hair when I leave
Kerry and Caleb alone)

Josiah climbing on a bench at church

Happy Thanksgiving! Today has been pretty good so far. Although I wish I could be spending it with all of our families, I am thankful that all of my boys are with me today and healthy. For lunch, we went to the church to celebrate Thanksgiving with the single's group. The boys loved having an open place to run around this afternoon. When we got in the car around 2:30p.m., Josiah still had not taken his nap. He was asleep before we got off the church property. Josiah and Daddy have enjoyed late afternoon naps while Caleb and I have iced a cake.

Tonight, which is not too long from now, we plan on having a small Thanksgiving meal with just our family. I've decided to break out the china for the occassion. I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to taste the turkey and Italian Cream Cake! I think I'm getting hungry. I better go finish with dinner preparations so we can eat when Kerry and Josiah wake up!

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