Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not Much Happening

The boys hanging out in the bath.

I've been looking at my blog everyday for the last week trying to think of something to write about, but nothing out of the ordinary has happened in the last week. I'll do my best to think of a few things the boys are up to.

Caleb caught another lizard this past weekend. Now he has two lizards living in the cage. Pumpkin is still alive and well. The other one has part of her tail missing. She still is waiting for a name. Caleb is really enjoying Wednesday night Kidquest at church and works hard on his lessons and memory verses each week. Daddy is his favorite person right now. He wants to be everywhere Daddy is. He seems to know when Kerry is going to wake up each morning and spends time visiting with Daddy while he gets ready for the day. Josiah and I enjoy sleeping a little longer during this time. He will choose to have school on a Sunday instead of a Monday when he knows Daddy is off all day. It actually works pretty well for us when he chooses this change every once in awhile. He will now let you know that he is no longer six. He is now six and a half.

Josiah is a whirlwind of energy. Everytime we go downstairs, he requests to go in the backyard by saying, "Go out." And if I tell him he can go out later, he will get very upset. He loves going bye bye and will wave his hand when I tell him it's time for us to go. He knows a couple of signs and when he is finished with eating, he will do the sign. If I suggest he try to eat a little more (when I know he just wants to go outside) he will move his hand in a bigger motion to let me know. He loves any kind of ball. When he is outside, he almost always has a ball in his hand or a golf club to hit a ball. He loves reading books, especially when he sees a ball of any sort in a book. He has started initiating when he needs to go potty. He's no where near completely potty trained but at least he understands the concept and is at the beginning stages. He still really likes Daddy's motorcycle and enjoys sitting on it whenever he gets the chance. He is also started laying down while taking a bath. He thinks it is so much fun to just lay on his back and relax. He surpises me everyday.

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