Sunday, December 24, 2006

Caleb's Christmas Story

Caleb wrote this story during school this week. I gave him instructions to write a story about Jesus' birth and I stepped out of the room for a few minutes (probably to throw in a load of laundry). When I went to check on his progress he informed me he was not finished but would show me when it was completed. I was so excited to see what he wrote! We corrected spelling errors which was not many at all and I asked him to write it again (which he wasn't too happy about) since it was so good. He can write a little better when he wants to, but he's only been using notebook paper for the past couple of months and that has been a transition with his writing. I just wanted to share it.


Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Kerry is on his last service at church as we speak. Things have gone pretty smoothly according to him except for the accident that occurred Saturday morning. Josiah and I made a quick run to Target that morning. When we returned, it was to find that Kerry had injured his toe. It is now black and blue and he's had to be on his feet all weekend. Hopefully, he'll get a chance to rest his toe over the next few days.

We celebrated Christmas as a family this morning. We leave for Texas tomorrow and we wanted the boys to enjoy playing with their gifts some before we hop on a plane. Caleb has over and over again said how much he enjoyed Christmas this year. It makes it all worth it when your 6 and 1/2 year old is thankful all day long. Josiah enjoyed the festivities as well. He was still a little tired from staying up late the night before, but he didn't complain too much. I am now trying to get the house all clean and finish packing so we can head to Texas! Can't wait to get there!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Let Me Be Like Brother

Oh, how I wish I could take a picture of my two boys tonight! I used to think Josiah wanted to be just like Caleb, but it's even more so now. Caleb put on his underwear tonight and attempted to give Josiah a pair only to have them fall off as he was walking around. So, I got out Josiah's training underwear and he was satisfied to be like brother. And then I had Caleb try on some new socks that we had bought at the store tonight. Caleb is very particular about how socks feel and once Caleb tried his on, Josiah had to try on his new socks. I now have two boys playing in white underwear and white socks. If Caleb was only younger, I'd take a picture, but I think 6 and 1/2 is a little too old for underwear pics. They sure do make an adorable sight and I just had to share.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

What Are We Up To?

Life is staying pretty calm around here, except for Kerry being pretty busy at church. Our church will have 13 Christmas services this year on campus between Friday and Sunday. We will also be having 5 services at the San Clemente campus. On top of that, the service will be broadcasted on Fox News several times between Christmas and New Years along with being broadcasted via the Armed Forces Network to aabout 800,000 service men and women in 177 countries.

Caleb has all of a sudden taken a growth spurt. I knew it was going to happen, I just didn't know when. All of his size 6 pants are way too short now and he is in size 7 slim. The regular size 7 is way too big on him in the waist and baggy all around. I love how cute he looks in the slim size. He still is enjoying his longer hair which is very thick. It's about time to have it shaped again. I would love to continue cutting his hair how it has always been, but Kerry says it's just hair and we need to let him decide (within reason). He is learning how to borrow when it comes to subtraction and I'm having to figure out the best way to explain it to him. He's been very patient with this new skill. We've also started learning about how a glossary works and his spelling words are getting to be a challenge. I was surprised at the words we're working on during Christmas time -- Bethlehem, ornaments, manger, shepherds -- they are all Christmas words. He picked out a Christmas present from Granny a couple of nights ago -- a pair of Heely's. If you're not familiar with them, they are the shoes with wheels on the heels. We let him try them on for a few minutes last night and he got frustrated that it wasn't easy. They will be wrapped up and put under the tree and then hopefully he will master them quickly.

Josiah is into everything. He has broken about 5 ornaments. Fortunately, the were my Walmart ones from my first tree when I was in college. There was nothing sentimental about them. He's starting to smile and laugh and scrunch up his nose and says no-no when he knows he shouldn't be doing something but can't seem to resist. I try not to laugh, but sometimes I can't help myself. He still climbs on everything and now knows how to move the kitchen chairs to get something he wants -- like my cell phone, digital camera, knives, breakables. He thinks Caleb is the coolest big brother. He likes to snuggle up and go to sleep next to Mommy with one pacifier in his mouth and holding another one. He thinks it's fun to try to go potty. He seems to love dogs and points them out anywhere. He thinks his belly button is a baby. We've been pointing to my stomach and trying to explain that mommy has a baby in her tummy. He walks around and pulls his shirt up saying baby. Oh well. He is also learning to say new words all the time even though they don't always sound like the specific word. He version of please involves making the "mmmm" sound and bending his knees and raising up. He's very consistent though. He likes to get my attention by saying "mom" so I will look at something he has done or is doing. He sometimes calls me "Mimi" which I assume is another version of Mommy which he can also say.

I've decided I need to get a better system of keeping the house clean before baby number 3 arrives. I guess I just need to put things back up where they go immediately, but sometimes I just get lazy or we come in at night and put something on the table. Josiah is just so good at finding those little things. I feel I'm constantly having to take something out of his hands that he has found around the house.

Christmas is getting close! I'm so ready to see my family. Seven more sleeps according to Caleb! I finally get to see my new nephew for the first time. And we get to see Brock which both of my boys are ready to see and play with. And we can't forget seeing the rest of our family and friends. It will be so much fun!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Almost Impossible!

Caleb ready for the picture and Josiah
trying to get up

Caleb being silly while Josiah put his fingers
in his mouth

I think we have a winner even though Josiah
isn't really smiling

Gone are the days where I had one perfect angel who has always sat well during pictures. I always had a hard time choosing between the pictures when Caleb was this age. Even now, his pictures turn out well except when he wants to be silly. Last year, pictures went well since Josiah couldn't crawl or walk yet. And here we are at Josiah's second Christmas. I didn't know if we would get a picture of the two boys that was half way decent. It has taken me 4 different attempts. Once in the morning yesterday, once after Josiah's nap yesterday, one right after dinner tonight and a break to webcam with Nana and Granddaddy before our last attempt. On top of this, I used my old camera for the second try which is not digital. I took it to Walmart for one hour (ordered a cd) and came out to the car with no cd. Come to find out, the cd machine was broken. According to them, my cd would be ready this morning. Not so, the machine was still broken. So, I got the digital camera out for the last two attempts. This has worn me out! Here is a small taste of what the last two days have looked like.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Short Visit

On Saturday, Josiah got to open one of his Christmas presents from Nana and Granddaddy a little early. He loves his motorcycle! We knew it would be too big to try to get home from Texas, so it was shipped to our house. We waited until Nana got here so she could see his face when he saw it. I thought he would be extremely enthusiastic and excited, but instead he was very serious. He loved it, but I think he thinks it's real. He loves sitting on it and pushing the buttons which are very loud. He hasn't quite figured out how to move it, but he sits on it all the time and pushes the buttons.

On Monday, we took the boys to Boomers before Nana flew back home. Caleb made it all the way to the top of the rock climbing wall! He was so proud of himself and managed to climb to the top three or four different times! Way to go! The one picture I got of both boys with Nana did not turn out well. I'm sure we'll get some good ones at Christmas.

Here are my two Dallas Cowboys. I was checking emails and the boys were playing in Caleb's room. The next thing I know, they come walking out in their football gear. Caleb insisted that it was a picture moment. After taking the picture, I have to agree he was right even if the picture shows the lovely mess in the background from playing all day.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Not So Relaxing

My Mom came out to visit this weekend, mainly to take care of the boys while I went with Kerry to a church related Christmas event. I was so looking forward to her visit. She was to arrive at about 10:30am on Saturday and leave Monday afternoon. I had visions of us shopping, doing some fun things with the boys and just hanging out. I was also thinking that this would be a good time for her to relax since she has been busy with a new grandbaby and had to make a trip to Arkansas last weekend when my Papa was put into the hospital. Inwardly, I was pretty proud of my healthy little family and how low maintenance we can be when it comes to health. The doctor even commented about how little they see Josiah except at regular check ups.

We picked my mom up at the airport on Saturday and then went straight to lunch. We planned to run a few errands that evening, but we were enjoying relaxing at the house and ended up just staying in. Josiah received an early Christmas present from Nana and Granddaddy and got to open it up Saturday after his nap. I'll post pictures sometime later. After my mom went to bed, I started to get the boys ready for bed and I noticed my back was starting to hurt. That was not a good indication of what was ahead and I had a pretty good idea of what was coming -- a kidney stone. I managed to get the boys to bed with ice on my back and then the fun really started. I was up all night due to back pain, switching from ice to heat, and just being miserable. On top of that, Josiah woke up a couple of times and needed comforting and some Tylenol. I thought surely I would pass the kidney stone by the morning, but that didn't happen.

My mom was wonderful! She took care of the boys pretty much all day Sunday. As the morning continued, my mom was beginning to think she would need to stay another day or two since Kerry was going to be out of town. And Kerry was wondering if he was going to need to cancel his plans. I guess you could say all ended well when I passed the kidney stone close to noon on Sunday. Since I've had a couple in the past, I noticed the difference right away. However, I was left feeling exhausted and not quite ready to bounce back. I somehow managed to make it through dinner and half of the play. I think the play was a little much since I was having a hard time finding a comfortable position and wanted to fall asleep.

Today, after a good night's rest, I am almost ready get back into the full swing of things. We took the boys to Boomer's which is one of Caleb's favorite places to go. He rode go carts, rock climbed, and rode a couple of smaller rides with Josiah. Caleb was ready for us all to go back to Texas with Nana. We had to let him know that it wouldn't be too much longer until we saw all of our family again. With December here, the countdown begins!