Saturday, December 09, 2006

Almost Impossible!

Caleb ready for the picture and Josiah
trying to get up

Caleb being silly while Josiah put his fingers
in his mouth

I think we have a winner even though Josiah
isn't really smiling

Gone are the days where I had one perfect angel who has always sat well during pictures. I always had a hard time choosing between the pictures when Caleb was this age. Even now, his pictures turn out well except when he wants to be silly. Last year, pictures went well since Josiah couldn't crawl or walk yet. And here we are at Josiah's second Christmas. I didn't know if we would get a picture of the two boys that was half way decent. It has taken me 4 different attempts. Once in the morning yesterday, once after Josiah's nap yesterday, one right after dinner tonight and a break to webcam with Nana and Granddaddy before our last attempt. On top of this, I used my old camera for the second try which is not digital. I took it to Walmart for one hour (ordered a cd) and came out to the car with no cd. Come to find out, the cd machine was broken. According to them, my cd would be ready this morning. Not so, the machine was still broken. So, I got the digital camera out for the last two attempts. This has worn me out! Here is a small taste of what the last two days have looked like.

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Panda-Mom said...

Such handsome little men! That looks like a perfect picture to me. Good job, Mom!