Monday, December 04, 2006

Not So Relaxing

My Mom came out to visit this weekend, mainly to take care of the boys while I went with Kerry to a church related Christmas event. I was so looking forward to her visit. She was to arrive at about 10:30am on Saturday and leave Monday afternoon. I had visions of us shopping, doing some fun things with the boys and just hanging out. I was also thinking that this would be a good time for her to relax since she has been busy with a new grandbaby and had to make a trip to Arkansas last weekend when my Papa was put into the hospital. Inwardly, I was pretty proud of my healthy little family and how low maintenance we can be when it comes to health. The doctor even commented about how little they see Josiah except at regular check ups.

We picked my mom up at the airport on Saturday and then went straight to lunch. We planned to run a few errands that evening, but we were enjoying relaxing at the house and ended up just staying in. Josiah received an early Christmas present from Nana and Granddaddy and got to open it up Saturday after his nap. I'll post pictures sometime later. After my mom went to bed, I started to get the boys ready for bed and I noticed my back was starting to hurt. That was not a good indication of what was ahead and I had a pretty good idea of what was coming -- a kidney stone. I managed to get the boys to bed with ice on my back and then the fun really started. I was up all night due to back pain, switching from ice to heat, and just being miserable. On top of that, Josiah woke up a couple of times and needed comforting and some Tylenol. I thought surely I would pass the kidney stone by the morning, but that didn't happen.

My mom was wonderful! She took care of the boys pretty much all day Sunday. As the morning continued, my mom was beginning to think she would need to stay another day or two since Kerry was going to be out of town. And Kerry was wondering if he was going to need to cancel his plans. I guess you could say all ended well when I passed the kidney stone close to noon on Sunday. Since I've had a couple in the past, I noticed the difference right away. However, I was left feeling exhausted and not quite ready to bounce back. I somehow managed to make it through dinner and half of the play. I think the play was a little much since I was having a hard time finding a comfortable position and wanted to fall asleep.

Today, after a good night's rest, I am almost ready get back into the full swing of things. We took the boys to Boomer's which is one of Caleb's favorite places to go. He rode go carts, rock climbed, and rode a couple of smaller rides with Josiah. Caleb was ready for us all to go back to Texas with Nana. We had to let him know that it wouldn't be too much longer until we saw all of our family again. With December here, the countdown begins!


RyAnn said...

We can't wait until Christmas and you are here!!!!!!! Brock can't wait to play with his cousins, and Braxton is ready for Aunt Stephie to hold him!

Panda-Mom said...

So sorry to hear about your smudged plans, but thank the Lord your mom was there to help out,huh? Glad you are feeling better!