Thursday, January 25, 2007

Family Day

Josiah was so excited when he found this rock. He thought he was so strong when he picked it up. He finally got tired of carrying it and found a place to put it down. I was showing him the pictures a couple of nights ago and he remembered the rock. Pretty cute!

Josiah and Caleb playing. Caleb enjoyed using his scooter while we were there, and it was portable enough to fit in the jogging stroller when he didn't want to use it.

Caleb found a place to rest. Josiah took time to explore almost everything which took a lot of time and Kerry and Caleb could be found sitting a lot on our hike/walk waiting for Josiah and I to catch up to them.

This past Saturday, we decided to get outdoors as a family. A typical Saturday might find us just hanging out at the house -- Kerry relaxing on the couch until time for church, the boys playing whatever, and me cleaning and doing laundry. Originally, we wanted to go find some snow up in the mountains for the boys to enjoy. When we found out on Friday night that it was mandatory to have chains in our car, Caleb decided on hiking. We took a picnic and went to Blue Jay Campground. I have to admit it was a little cold for me at the beginning. We all had coats and hats on trying to enjoy a picnic. But once we got walking, I felt much warmer. The boys had a blast being out in the open. Caleb loved having us all together and Josiah was so excited to be out running to his heart's content. On our way back home, we found a cute little candy shop which I will definitely remember. Fortunately, it is far enough away that I won't just hop in the car to go get a tasty treat whenever I feel like it. But if Kerry has any motorcycle rides that take him that way, I will remember to suggest he stop there before he comes home.

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