Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Getting Ready

Tomorrow will mark the 35th week of this pregnancy. Since coming back from Texas, we have been in the process of getting ready for this new baby. We decided to make the guest bedroom Josiah's new room, so we have been in the process of painting the room, rearranging and getting new bedding. There is still nothing on the walls, but at least it's a place of his own. We're not changing anything in the nursery unless we end of having a little girl. Only then will we look into painting and new bedding. I went ahead and purchased a boy and a girl coming home outfit.

As of today, Josiah has a new car seat. I'm still trying to decide if I like it. It's a little big, but his head shouldn't flop when he sleeps, it reclines, and it was really easy to install. I also checked on how to adjust the straps and everything and it was very simple. So, overall I can't complain. He took his first ride in it tonight and seemed to really enjoy it. Hopefully, he will still feel the same way when he sees our new baby riding in his old one.

We took Kerry to the airport today. I just hope this baby doesn't decide to come early-- before he gets back. Neither of the boys were this early, but I will still feel better about it once Kerry gets back home. I still have about half of my list to complete before this baby is born and I continue adding things to the list. I would like to have it all done before Kerry gets back from his trip. Please keep us in your prayers that this baby will not come before Kerry returns.


bartleywedgies said...

Where did Kerry go and how long? Is your family coming to help with the new baby? How exciting! I'm hoping for a little princess that her 2 big brothers can look after! Keep us posted....

The O'Connell's said...

We are praying for you, Kerry, the boys, and the baby...we are one call and a very fast 5 minute drive away!