Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Highlights From Our Trip

12-26-06 We celebrated Christmas with Nana, Granddaddy, Uncle Nate, Aunt RyAnn, Brock and Braxton the day after Christmas. There were toys everywhere! Brock was asleep when we arrived the night before and stayed home with his Daddy. It was so much fun to see him and how excited he was to see Caleb. We enjoyed visiting with each other throughout the day and getting a little shopping in after "Christmas."

12-31-06 We went and spent a few days with Granny in East Texas. We all had a great time just relaxing and celebrating Christmas with her. It got pretty chilly and rainy while we were there. The boys have already gotten spoiled to California weather. They couldn't understand why they couldn't just go out and play barefooted with no coats.

1-2-07 We had lunch with some of our old friend, the Cottons. Kerry knew Wayne and Jana before we got married and I met them pretty much right when Kerry and I started dating. I still remember sitting in a Wendy's with them after a Ranger game the Sunday before Kerry and I got married. And now they have precious Zoe. It was so much fun to get to know her a little bit.

1-4-07 Here are my other two kids that I would claim in a heartbeat that I left in Texas when we moved, Kylie and Ethan. I think Caleb would consider Ethan his best friend. They've known each other since Caleb was 11 months old and Ethan was just born. Kylie came along about 18 months later and it was a joy taking care of them. We had a very short but fun night visiting with them.

1-5-07 RyAnn, Brock, Braxton, Granddaddy, Caleb, Josiah, Kerry and I all went to the zoo. This was the best picture we could get with all three big kids and Granddaddy. It started out pretty cool at the zoo, but warmed up by the end of our visit.

1-8-07 Caleb, Brock and Josiah playing in Brock's backyard.

1-9-07 Nana, RyAnn, Brock, Braxton, Caleb, Josiah and I took a day trip to Waco. I wanted to get the boys big brother shirts from a little shop down there. We spent some time letting the boys run around a park and showed them the bear pit. We hadn't been since they built the new bear pit. The boys could have stood there watching the bears all day long. One of my memories of trips to Waco involved eating at a place called Cupp's Drive In. I just had to stop in and get myself a hamburger. It didn't taste the same eating it in the car, but I'm still glad we stopped.

1-11-07 Caleb snuggling with Braxton.

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