Thursday, January 04, 2007

No Garage Door Needed

Granddad checking out the damage

A view from the street

The slope of the yard

Our plan was to have a pretty relaxing day: wake up leisurely, play with Brock, take the boys for haircuts and spend some time in Granbury with some friends of ours, the Hagans. Our morning started out with Caleb waking up at about 8:30am. Brock was already over here playing with Granddaddy. I fixed breakfast and we were all sitting down to eat when Granddaddy heard a noise in the garage. He went out to the garage to find that a ladder had fallen down and a few other things as well. We couldn't figure out what would have caused the things to fall down. He was explaining all of this when there was a knock at the door. A young girl was there explaining how she had run into the house. This is definitely the first time that this has ever happened here. I am so thankful that it was the garage instead of the kitchen where we were eating breakfast. The pictures were taken by Kerry who knew RyAnn and I would want to blog about the experience. Everyone is just fine.

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