Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not Recommended with a 17-Month Old

After I posted yesterday about our flight being cancelled, I got on the phone with the airlines. I double checked over the phone that our flight was cancelled and was directly transferred to a representative. When I explained about the cancellation, the lady informed me that the airlines had already booked us on another flight. The only problem I could see was that we had to fly into San Francisco and then take another flight to Orange County. I tried to look at it as an adventure and felt pretty sure that we would have time for Josiah to run around and grab something to eat before we boarded the next flight. Against the advice of my mom, I did not pack more snacks than I thought we needed for the first flight. Let the journey begin!

We arrived in plenty of time at DFW. We got all four of our bags checked, gave hugs and kisses to Nana and Granddaddy, and sailed through the security check. We even had no problems having our seats switched so Caleb and I would be sitting together. We took our time getting a snack -- McDonalds and a pretzel for me. We even had time for a potty break and a diaper change before getting on board. We had even managed to keep Josiah awake all day (3:50pm flight). We start boarding around 3:30pm. Josiah goes to sleep and we have not left yet. We sat for about 2 hours in the airplane due to waiting for the pilots and de-icing (sp?) the airplane before taking off. Josiah slept beautifully while we waited only to wake up when we took off. Josiah stayed awake the entire time. He was loud at times, wanting to walk around, etc. M&Ms and other snacks only helped so much. His toys and Caleb's toys were not of much interest to him. He was ready to get off the plane and so was I. Did I mention that Caleb was great this entire time?

Making our connecting flight was out of the question since it would have already taken off. We took our time getting off the plane not knowing if we would be spending the night in San Francisco or getting in really late that night. I was ready to let Josiah run around and get some dinner. But I wanted to double check on flights before doing that. We went to the counter for the flight that was leaving in just a few minutes to see what we needed to do. Somehow, we were already booked for that flight and they were waiting for us. Did I mention everyone else had already boarded? We only had M&Ms (which had lost their charm) and water left in our snacks and Josiah had not had a chance to run around. We made the flight but I'm sure it wasn't that pleasant for other passengers. All I can say is that we survived that flight. Caleb once again was wonderful like he always has been when traveling, even at Josiah's age. We made it home but our luggage was sent on to Alaska. I hope it makes it to our house before church tonight since our clothing is pretty limited at this time.

And then we didn't have anything to eat in the house so we ended up at the donut shop this morning and buying groceries after that. Josiah was definitely done. He wanted to be home running around and playing. We have now made it back home and Josiah is happy exploring the entire house. I think it's time for an early lunch.

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RyAnn said...

Sorry that happened. but I am glad you made it home safe. My boys already miss their cousins!!