Friday, January 26, 2007

Sickness and Blood

Thursday started out very normal. We woke up, had breakfast, and started school. I was pleased to see that we were finally getting back into a routine for at least a few more weeks. I was in an even better mood when Caleb worked hard on his individual work and finished in a timely manner. Josiah took just the right length of a nap so that we could go buy groceries without having to go too close 5:00pm when everyone else was there.

So, we're getting out at the grocery store and Caleb is very quiet. He asks if we can get a gray basket -- the ones with 2 seats. The last time we tried this, it was a complete disaster with Josiah. But I thought with the new baby coming, we could at least try again. Josiah thought it was pretty cool for the first 5 minutes and decided he didn't like it. I tried holding him, letting him walk, and even tried the normal seat which did not have a working seatbelt. The longer we were at the store the quieter Caleb got. He had his head down and was very still. I finally felt his forehead and he was very warm. We got home and he had 102 degree fever. Poor guy! I gave him medicine and he laid on the couch the rest of the night which he slept for most of.

During the time Caleb was sleeping on the couch, I was attempting to get the kitchen cleaned, swept and mopped. I was moving the kitchen chairs out of the way so I could sweep under the table. Josiah is our little climber and loves to stand in chairs. Most of the time, he is just fine. He's had a few slips but nothing major until this night. He was standing on one of the chairs and leaned too far against the back of the chair. The chair came crashing down with Josiah in it. Josiah's head hit the leg of the table and blood immediately came pouring out. Fortunately, it wasn't bad enough for stitches, but just bad enough for me to sit the rest of the evening holding him making sure he would wake up every once in awhile. He fell asleep pretty much right after it happened. Some of that was probably due to the fact that I was holding him pretty tight to keep pressure on the cut. After close to two hours of resting, he was ready to go full swing at 9:30 Thursday night. He was running around as happy as could be.

Caleb still felt bad yesterday and is about the same today as well. He still has a fever and is congested, probably just a cold going around. Since Caleb rarely gets sick, it's hard to see him like this. He was so scared in the middle of the night when he started wheezing. He kept saying he couldn't breathe and asking if he was going to be okay. Both Kerry and I reassured him that he would get better, just to breathe slowly.

On top of all of this, Josiah had his 18 month check up yesterday. He was right on target. He weighed 27 pounds and was 32 and 1/4 inches long. I think the doctor was glad to see him gain a little weight. At his last check up, his weight gain had really slowed down. He had two shots (one he didn't even cry during) and does not need to be seen again until he turns 2.

Kerry will be gone for most of the day today. I'm hoping we can stay pretty calm around here. Josiah seems to have the extra energy that Caleb does not have. I put the blow up air mattress in the loft so Caleb can relax and watch movies, Josiah can play, and I can get a few things done upstairs. Please say a little prayer for Caleb that he starts to feel better soon.

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bartleywedgies said...

Enjoy the pics - can't believe how big Josiah has grown. So sorry we didn't see you guys during your Christmas trip, we were busy squeezing in everything with Kelsie while she was on a break. Things are definitely changing next year! Anyway, good to see you guys are doing well - with the exception of your last post. Hope to see you guys next time you are here. We finally broke down and bought a digital camera so hopefully I can start blogging with pictures since it will be much easier now. I still have some learning to do but I am going to attempt taking pics of Kelsie's basketball next week so we'll see. Talk more later - give the boys a hug from us girls. amy b