Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sweet Nephew

1-13-07 Snuggling with Braxton

Caleb taking some time to talk to Braxton

It was wonderful to meet my newest nephew when we went to Texas. He was there at the airport waiting for us and I was able to take him in my arms the moment I saw him. It took us until our last day there to actually get pictures of the two of us together. I was able to snuggle with him quite a bit during our visit but wished I could have spent more time with him. I know the next time we visit, I will be considered a stranger to him. I guess we need to keep up with the webcam. Caleb had lots of fun bonding with his new cousin as well. He did very well splitting his time between Josiah, Brock and Braxton. Josiah surprised me as well. He did so well when I was holding Braxton and only once did he really want me to hold him when I was holding Braxton (it gives me hope with our new addition coming soon). And then he was content to just sit beside me watching Braxton. He kept saying baby over and over again. He constantly would find Braxton's pacifiers and bring them to RyAnn. He somehow knew that they were not his. We love you Braxton and look forward to watching you grow!


RyAnn said...

Braxton really enjoyed meeting you guys! He screams hours daily because you are gone.

anonymous said...

How do we request more pictures of you gorgeous, hansome, hunk a hunk a burning love, HUSBAND?

He is a hotty!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures.