Wednesday, February 28, 2007

19 Months Old

Josiah turned 19 months old on Monday. It's hard to believe that he's already so big! He's really growing up and seems to be understanding more and more every day. This is such a fun stage as he is learning so much. Some interesting things about Josiah:

1. He has decided he loves Elmo. We have one Elmo video that he watches over and over. I never really saw Elmo as cute but when it comes from the eyes of a 19 month old, it's adorable.

2. He is very big into putting his dirty clothes away. When it is bath time, I hand him his clothes and he puts them in the dirty clothes hamper. He will even put big brothers away as well which tend to get left out often.

3. He loves lotion and after bath each night, he either lays down for me to put the lotion on or he holds his hand out to do it himself.

4. Some of the most common phrases he uses these days are:
"One more"
"Go out"
"There's a dog!"

5. He's learned to say his name even though it's probably not understandable unless your his mom

6. He eats like his Daddy. Caleb and I are pretty picky eaters, but Josiah will try almost anything once. So, when we go out to eat, Kerry does a good job of letting Josiah taste new things off of his plate.

7. He is still in love with his pacifier and likes one in his mouth and one in each hand when it's time for bed.

8. He is still a Mommy's boy. He wants Mommy to put him down for naps and bedtime. When he wakes up at night, instead of crying he now calls out, "Mom!" until I get there. I don't mind this at all since I know it won't last forever. Caleb definitely prefers hanging out with Daddy, so I will savor this time with Josiah like I did with Caleb.

Friday, February 23, 2007

14 Days and Counting!

There are only 14 more days until my due date, 12 until my mom arrives in California to be with us for a couple of weeks. The big question I keep asking myself is: Will this baby stay put until my mom arrives on the 6th of March? I honestly don't know. If I had asked this question to myself last week, I'd say this baby was going to stay put. I had all this energy and was staying so organized. This past week, I have been completely zapped of energy. And the Braxton Hicks contractions that I've had for some time now have increased in frequency. I even thought I was in labor 2 nights ago and stayed up for about 3 hours timing contractions only to have them stop. What fun!

I went to my midwife on Monday and there really isn't much to report. She retested me for the Group B Strep and it was positive. The plan is that I need to try and get 4 hours worth of antibiotics in my system before I deliver. I'm a little nervous about this since I had Caleb in less than 5 hours once we got to the hospital (was not induced). When I was induced with Josiah, he was born in about the same amount of time from the start of pitocin until he was delivered. I do not want to be induced but my biggest fear is that I will wake up in the middle of the night to contractions and not enough time to get to the hospital. I'm curious as to how many people this has happened to, how fast do third babies come, and at what point will I know for sure that it's the real thing? As you can see, I've got plenty of thoughts running through my head. The main thing though is to pray that our baby wil lbe health when he/she is born and that he/she will not be affected by the Group B Strep.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Time to Vent

I try to remain positive when I'm blogging. I feel like complaining is a little too personal so I try to refrain from it unless I know someone very well, but now that I'm only 18 days from my due date, I really don't care. So, I thought I'd share a few things that have gotten on my nerves here lately.

1. A few weeks ago, I was in need of some new foundation/base and finally made my way back to Clinique after trying to pick out something on my own at Target and not being pleased with the results. So, Josiah and I headed to the mall. I brought my old bottle so I'd know exactly what I needed which just so happened to be the last one I purchased when we lived in Texas. The lady at the counter informed me bluntly that that was not what I needed since my skin was not oily. I understand that the California weather is dryer than that in Texas, so I understood what she was saying but would have preferred her to say it a little nicer -- for example, "This foundation would work better with your skin." She also proceeded to tell me in my hormonal pregnant just turned 30 this year state that I had wrinkles and would I like to purchase some wrinkle stuff and anti-aging foundation. I was not happy at all! Surely she could have said all of that better. I told her I would stick with just the one foundation she suggested (not the anti-aging one) and that was it. She went ahead and gave me a sample of wrinkle cream. Do I look that old? Not a good day!

2. That same day, I was at Target with Josiah. We had just finished checking out and were slowly making our way to the door when a lady zips right in front of me. It was very noticeable but I was tired and still adjusting from the shock of the Clinique lady and just kept going (not that I would have said anything anyway). Well, this lady's big container of Tide falls out of her basket and she didn't notice. I was tempted to keep going but Josiah kept pointing it out so I hollered, "Mam!" a couple of times. She finally turns around and I ask her if she had dropped her Tide. She thanks me and goes on to say, "Well, I'm glad I cut in front of you." It was intentional. I was shocked once again and on the same day.

3. And now there are those comments I start getting at the end of every pregnancy. Last night, a lady at Walmart stopped to "chat" while the boys and I were shopping. She asked me if I thought I would actually make it until my due date. My husband even told me today that I was looking rounder!

**So, for those few people that read this and might run into me before I have this baby, don't say anything. I already feel huge and not too glamorous and I don't like lying. But I also don't want to hear honesty at this point in pregnancy about how I look like I could go into labor at any moment or that I could pop. This ends my vent.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something Cute

I wish I had had my camera handy about an hour ago. Caleb and I were in the middle of school and Josiah decided to go downstairs and explore. After he had been downstairs for awhile, he started hollering, "Mom! Mom! Mom!" I would remind him we were upstairs if he needed us but he continued to holler for me. I figured he must be stuck or something, so I gave up waiting for him and went downstairs. I found him sitting in the cradle in the family room. The moment he saw me he said, "I'm a baby." It was said so clearly and then he proceeded to lay down in the cradle. I couldn't help but smile and laugh a little. He thought he was so cute and I'm thankful that the cradle held his weight.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Daddy's home! The boys could hardly wait to go and pick Daddy up at the airport last night. Caleb is old enough to understand how long Daddy was away. Josiah is still so young that he stopped asking about Daddy around day 3 or 4. However, as soon as we got to the airport and I explained that we were picking Daddy up, he got super excited. Josiah actually spotted Daddy before Caleb did and he had the biggest grin on his face. It took some time for them to wind down once we got home. They did eventually drift off to sleep and I have to admit that I slept harder last night than I have in over 10 days. It's nice to be altogether again.

A Week Without Daddy

Caleb at baseball practice

Josiah at baseball practice

We have survived this past week without Daddy. We spent time getting ready for our upcoming baby. We are almost all ready. I just need to pack bags, make sure we have enough food in the pantry, and keep this baby from coming until the evening of March 6th, when Nana arrives.

We also went to the Discovery Science Museum in Santa Ana with our friends Jessica, Kendra, and Drew. All the kids had a great time. Mine were completely exhausted from the outing and Josiah took a 4 hour nap!

Caleb had baseball practice as well as batting practice this week. We found out that the bat that we bought him right after Christmas was too big. Needless to say, I took Caleb to the store on Saturday, and we found a new bat. I am not letting him take the wrapping off until we double check with his coach to make sure it will be a good fit for Caleb.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Just Us Three

The boys and I have been staying busy while Daddy has been away. Thursday, we did school and ran a few errands. Caleb was still getting over his cold, so he took a nap. While they were both napping, I took some time to do some online shopping to get ready for this next baby. I really enjoy online shopping -- especially when I know just what I want.

Friday once again found us doing our normal school thing along with Caleb taking another nap. Naps are a pretty rare thing for Caleb, so I know he must still be moving a little slow. On Thursday, I had taken Caleb to get new baseball cleats only to discover that he had been wearing tennis shoes one whole size too small. Friday evening, we went out and found Caleb some new tennis shoes. I also went ahead and got Josiah some new ones since his were getting a little snug as well.

Saturday, I took the morning to clean the house while the boys played. Caleb had his first baseball practice. He is in the Single A division of Little League and on the Reds team. He learned a lot at that first practice. I could tell he was still dragging a little bit. We came back home and while the boys relaxed, I finished cleaning. It was such a nice feeling to have the house all clean in one day. The boys were worn out and went to bed earlier than normal. That gave me a chance for scrapbooking and working on lesson plans.

Today, Caleb had baseball practice again. He's getting back into the swing of things and had a pretty good practice. Since we normally go to church on Sunday nights and the time we go was cancelled, we opted to watch the service online after baseball practice while eating lunch. Josiah almost fell asleep without me while snuggling up with Caleb. He was out as soon as I picked him up. Caleb also drifted off to sleep again (so uncommon). I was able to scrapbook and get the bills paid. When they woke up, I realized we had a long day ahead of us if we didn't decide to get out and do something. It was only 3:00pm when they woke up. On a typical Sunday, we're getting ready for church at that time. So, we loaded up in the van and headed to the beach for a little bit. We haven't been in awhile, and the boys had fun playing in the sand. Caleb still managed to get wet. The cold water didn't phase him. We're home now, all clean and almost ready for snacks before bedtime.

We should have a pretty smooth week. Caleb has Kidquest and a couple of baseball practices. Along with school, we plan on fitting in a few fun things as well. My camera battery went completely dead on the first picture at the beach so I have no pictures to share.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our Baby for Now

It looks like Josiah wants to be the baby a little while longer. I took the blankets out of the Moses basket and washed the bedding. Once Josiah saw that it was empty, he saw it as a perfect place to relax.