Wednesday, February 28, 2007

19 Months Old

Josiah turned 19 months old on Monday. It's hard to believe that he's already so big! He's really growing up and seems to be understanding more and more every day. This is such a fun stage as he is learning so much. Some interesting things about Josiah:

1. He has decided he loves Elmo. We have one Elmo video that he watches over and over. I never really saw Elmo as cute but when it comes from the eyes of a 19 month old, it's adorable.

2. He is very big into putting his dirty clothes away. When it is bath time, I hand him his clothes and he puts them in the dirty clothes hamper. He will even put big brothers away as well which tend to get left out often.

3. He loves lotion and after bath each night, he either lays down for me to put the lotion on or he holds his hand out to do it himself.

4. Some of the most common phrases he uses these days are:
"One more"
"Go out"
"There's a dog!"

5. He's learned to say his name even though it's probably not understandable unless your his mom

6. He eats like his Daddy. Caleb and I are pretty picky eaters, but Josiah will try almost anything once. So, when we go out to eat, Kerry does a good job of letting Josiah taste new things off of his plate.

7. He is still in love with his pacifier and likes one in his mouth and one in each hand when it's time for bed.

8. He is still a Mommy's boy. He wants Mommy to put him down for naps and bedtime. When he wakes up at night, instead of crying he now calls out, "Mom!" until I get there. I don't mind this at all since I know it won't last forever. Caleb definitely prefers hanging out with Daddy, so I will savor this time with Josiah like I did with Caleb.

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