Sunday, February 04, 2007

Just Us Three

The boys and I have been staying busy while Daddy has been away. Thursday, we did school and ran a few errands. Caleb was still getting over his cold, so he took a nap. While they were both napping, I took some time to do some online shopping to get ready for this next baby. I really enjoy online shopping -- especially when I know just what I want.

Friday once again found us doing our normal school thing along with Caleb taking another nap. Naps are a pretty rare thing for Caleb, so I know he must still be moving a little slow. On Thursday, I had taken Caleb to get new baseball cleats only to discover that he had been wearing tennis shoes one whole size too small. Friday evening, we went out and found Caleb some new tennis shoes. I also went ahead and got Josiah some new ones since his were getting a little snug as well.

Saturday, I took the morning to clean the house while the boys played. Caleb had his first baseball practice. He is in the Single A division of Little League and on the Reds team. He learned a lot at that first practice. I could tell he was still dragging a little bit. We came back home and while the boys relaxed, I finished cleaning. It was such a nice feeling to have the house all clean in one day. The boys were worn out and went to bed earlier than normal. That gave me a chance for scrapbooking and working on lesson plans.

Today, Caleb had baseball practice again. He's getting back into the swing of things and had a pretty good practice. Since we normally go to church on Sunday nights and the time we go was cancelled, we opted to watch the service online after baseball practice while eating lunch. Josiah almost fell asleep without me while snuggling up with Caleb. He was out as soon as I picked him up. Caleb also drifted off to sleep again (so uncommon). I was able to scrapbook and get the bills paid. When they woke up, I realized we had a long day ahead of us if we didn't decide to get out and do something. It was only 3:00pm when they woke up. On a typical Sunday, we're getting ready for church at that time. So, we loaded up in the van and headed to the beach for a little bit. We haven't been in awhile, and the boys had fun playing in the sand. Caleb still managed to get wet. The cold water didn't phase him. We're home now, all clean and almost ready for snacks before bedtime.

We should have a pretty smooth week. Caleb has Kidquest and a couple of baseball practices. Along with school, we plan on fitting in a few fun things as well. My camera battery went completely dead on the first picture at the beach so I have no pictures to share.

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Daddy said...

Daddy loves you all. I have the greatest wife in the world. Love you all the way from India.