Sunday, February 11, 2007


Daddy's home! The boys could hardly wait to go and pick Daddy up at the airport last night. Caleb is old enough to understand how long Daddy was away. Josiah is still so young that he stopped asking about Daddy around day 3 or 4. However, as soon as we got to the airport and I explained that we were picking Daddy up, he got super excited. Josiah actually spotted Daddy before Caleb did and he had the biggest grin on his face. It took some time for them to wind down once we got home. They did eventually drift off to sleep and I have to admit that I slept harder last night than I have in over 10 days. It's nice to be altogether again.


Panda-Mom said...

Glad to hear that K is safely home with you guys. You need to come over and see what you created in me and this whole blog thing! I actually paid someone for a custom design!!!AHHHH!! Thanks, girl. ; )

bartleywedgies said...

Glad Kerry got back safely. Sounds like the boys were glad to have daddy home. Let us know when the baby comes - right around the corner. amy b