Sunday, February 18, 2007

Time to Vent

I try to remain positive when I'm blogging. I feel like complaining is a little too personal so I try to refrain from it unless I know someone very well, but now that I'm only 18 days from my due date, I really don't care. So, I thought I'd share a few things that have gotten on my nerves here lately.

1. A few weeks ago, I was in need of some new foundation/base and finally made my way back to Clinique after trying to pick out something on my own at Target and not being pleased with the results. So, Josiah and I headed to the mall. I brought my old bottle so I'd know exactly what I needed which just so happened to be the last one I purchased when we lived in Texas. The lady at the counter informed me bluntly that that was not what I needed since my skin was not oily. I understand that the California weather is dryer than that in Texas, so I understood what she was saying but would have preferred her to say it a little nicer -- for example, "This foundation would work better with your skin." She also proceeded to tell me in my hormonal pregnant just turned 30 this year state that I had wrinkles and would I like to purchase some wrinkle stuff and anti-aging foundation. I was not happy at all! Surely she could have said all of that better. I told her I would stick with just the one foundation she suggested (not the anti-aging one) and that was it. She went ahead and gave me a sample of wrinkle cream. Do I look that old? Not a good day!

2. That same day, I was at Target with Josiah. We had just finished checking out and were slowly making our way to the door when a lady zips right in front of me. It was very noticeable but I was tired and still adjusting from the shock of the Clinique lady and just kept going (not that I would have said anything anyway). Well, this lady's big container of Tide falls out of her basket and she didn't notice. I was tempted to keep going but Josiah kept pointing it out so I hollered, "Mam!" a couple of times. She finally turns around and I ask her if she had dropped her Tide. She thanks me and goes on to say, "Well, I'm glad I cut in front of you." It was intentional. I was shocked once again and on the same day.

3. And now there are those comments I start getting at the end of every pregnancy. Last night, a lady at Walmart stopped to "chat" while the boys and I were shopping. She asked me if I thought I would actually make it until my due date. My husband even told me today that I was looking rounder!

**So, for those few people that read this and might run into me before I have this baby, don't say anything. I already feel huge and not too glamorous and I don't like lying. But I also don't want to hear honesty at this point in pregnancy about how I look like I could go into labor at any moment or that I could pop. This ends my vent.


bartleywedgies said...

I had to laugh at the very last sentence of this post - just matter of fact - this ends my vent. I know I haven't seen you this pregnancy, but you have always been enviously great looking during your pregnancies. I was a slug!! About the aging - if it makes you feel any better, I have so much gray hair (about to be colored over on Tuesday), one of Kelsie's little guys at school asked me why I had gray hair - was I a grandma? Out of the mouths of babes!! Hang in there - amy b

RyAnn said...

I think your beautiful and so does Brock(and Braxton if he could vocalix it). He loves his Aunt Stephy!

Kerry said...

Just to clarify I didn't use the word, "rounder". I said, "fuller". What do you expect when you're 8 1/2 months pregnant. Fuller is good!

Panda-Mom said...

Poooooorrrr STEPH! I am (((hugging))) you right now. I don't like to vent on my blog either, but the few times I felt REALLY good to do it! HA! Amazing that there are so many really rude, self-serving people in this world. Remember, we are in this world and not OF it. ; )