Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Week Without Daddy

Caleb at baseball practice

Josiah at baseball practice

We have survived this past week without Daddy. We spent time getting ready for our upcoming baby. We are almost all ready. I just need to pack bags, make sure we have enough food in the pantry, and keep this baby from coming until the evening of March 6th, when Nana arrives.

We also went to the Discovery Science Museum in Santa Ana with our friends Jessica, Kendra, and Drew. All the kids had a great time. Mine were completely exhausted from the outing and Josiah took a 4 hour nap!

Caleb had baseball practice as well as batting practice this week. We found out that the bat that we bought him right after Christmas was too big. Needless to say, I took Caleb to the store on Saturday, and we found a new bat. I am not letting him take the wrapping off until we double check with his coach to make sure it will be a good fit for Caleb.

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