Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First Outing -- The Things We Do For Our Kids!

Caleb catching a ball on first

Debbie, Stephanie, and Levi

Debbie, Stephanie, Levi, Nana, and Josiah

Would you believe that Levi's first outing took place when he was 48 hours old? That's right. Caleb had a baseball game and didn't want to go unless I was going to be there to watch him. We sent Kerry and Caleb ahead for warm ups and then my mom, Josiah, Levi and I came for the game. Levi did great! He slept the entire game. It was a little chilly so I kept him warm under plenty of blankets. The things we do for our kids like attending a baseball game in chilly weather with a brand new baby!


Kristen said...

I am just catching up from being out of town! Wow...congratulations on the newest little boy in your family.

I am impressed -- 48 hours old and at a ball game. It is going to be in his blood from birth, literally!

Love all the pictures of your new little family!

Kristi said...

you look great! isn't it amazing the thigns we will do without batting an eye for our kids!