Sunday, March 11, 2007

Levi Wilton's Birth Story

3/7/07 Caleb and Levi

3/7/07 Nana and Levi

3/7/07 Josiah and Levi

3/7/07 Levi Wilton

3/8/07 Family of Five

I was so glad to see my mom when we arrived at the airport Tuesday evening. Caleb ran to her like usual when he sees her and Josiah joined right in and ran and gave her a hug! That was a huge step for Josiah. Josiah has been one of my biggest concerns with this new baby, because I wanted to make sure he was okay. We made it home Tuesday night with plans to stay busy and on the move until our baby decided to make an appearance. My prayer was always that my mom would make it in time for this baby to be born. Once she arrived, I started praying that he/she wouldn't keep us long so that we could enjoy as much time with Nana here as possible.

Wednesday morning around 6:30am, I woke up with a contraction. I assumed it was just another Braxton Hicks contraction, but deep down was hoping this was the day. Everyone else slept to a decent hour and we were at the mall by 10am. I was showing my mom some little girl things that she could always come back and get if this baby turned out to be a girl. I mentioned to my mom in the car that I had had a couple of contractions in the car on the way to the mall and they felt a little different than the ones I had been having. Once in the mall, I would tell her when I was having one and they appeared to be pretty consistent. We decided to eat at Ruby's Diner (one of Caleb and my favorite places to eat) in the mall and we started writing down how far apart and how long each contraction was. We still were planning on going to the Farmer's Market before going home. However, after we finished our meal we thought maybe we better go home.

Kerry called and I told him that I was having contractions but not to rush home. I told him I would call him when I felt it was the real thing. Once we got home and I laid down with Josiah to get him to sleep for his nap, the contractions started coming closer together and stronger. Fortunately, Kerry decided to head on home before I called him back and I'm glad he did. As soon as Josiah was asleep, Kerry and I left for the hospital. We decided that it would be best if Josiah got a good nap and Caleb could play at home.

We got into our hospital room at about 1:55pm. My room did not have the right bed, so I had to sit and wait while they switched beds. Once that was settled, they checked me and discovered that I was 5 cm dialated and completely effaced. Our baby was definitely on the way. It took them 2 tries to get the i.v. in which I was not happy about. I'm just glad I didn't know what was ahead or I probably would have left. They started the fluids and the antibiotics once the i.v. was in and I requested some pain medication before the epidural (very, very thankful) was put in. When the anesthesiologist arrived, I was taking for granted that it would take all of five minutes like my last two pregnancies. Forty-five minutes later, alot of needle poking, and some tears due to pain and a few other things, they still had not gotten the epidural to work. I was pretty frustrated. I had never even considered the epidural not working and had no desire to try again. I asked what my options were and one they mentioned was a spinal. After checking to see how far along I was which was 8 cm, I decided on the spinal. I was positive that even though the spinal would only last three hours, I would be fine.

I felt so much better once the spinal had been given and was even able to smile again. Nana and the boys arrived at the hospital and they had fun hanging out in the room with us. Once it was time to break my water, Nana and the boys went for a walk around the hospital. When they returned, they still had not broken my water due to my midwife having another patient. Once the nurse and midwife finally returned, Nana and the boys left again. I can't remember what time they broke my water, but I pushed for about 3 or 4 different sets before our baby was born. The best part of the labor was after our baby's head and arms were out, Lisa (midwife) told me to reach down and pull my baby out. That was such a wonderful experience and I was able to see right away that we had a boy, Levi Wilton. He was born at 6:35pm. He snuggled right up on my chest and I was able to spend some time with him before they weighed him and checked a few other things.

Once I was decent again, we hurried Nana and the boys back into the room. It was really fun to tell them that they had a brother. Caleb and Josiah were both so good. They opened up their presents that Levi had gotten them and started playing right away. Daddy finally loaded the boys up and took them to McDonalds while my mom stayed with me and Levi. Levi nursed like a pro right from the start. I really enjoyed the fact that Levi didn't have to leave our room even when they gave him his bath. It all took place in our room. Once Daddy and the boys got back, we spent some time together as a family. We called Granddaddy and let him know that Levi shared his middle name. At 10:30pm, it was time to finally load our two big boys up for home. I wasn't sure how Josiah would do. Caleb wanted to stay with us like he did when Josiah was born, but we explained that Josiah needed him at home with him. Josiah did so good! He waved bye and was fine, not tears. He's definitely loves to be on the go.

It was great to finally be alone as you can be in a hospital with your baby. I loved snuggling with him all night long and starting the bonding process. Lisa and Dr. Bob (the pediatrician) were very understanding that we did not want to stay long in the hospital. Lisa was there at 7am to clear me to leave. Dr. Bob came in around noon to take a look at Levi, perform his "surgery" and clear him for discharge. Levi had his hearing test done and pictures taken and we were all set to leave. Originally, one of our nurses said that we would have to wait 2 hours after Dr. Bob left before we could leave but our pediatrician saw no reason for that and allowed us to be on our way as soon as Nana and the boys arrived with the car.

We were in the car and on our way home about 25 hours after we had checked into the hospital. Levi wasn't even 24 hours old. I was never so glad to be on my way back home. This was Josiah's first time ever away from me overnight and Caleb's 3rd time ever to be away from both Kerry and I overnight. We all survived and could not have made it without all of Nana's help. Both boys have transitioned so well with Levi here. It's like he's always been here. I fall in love with Levi a little more everyday. He is such a wonderful baby who loves to snuggle and rarely fusses. I can't wait to watch his personality develop as he grows. We are now a family of 5.


bartleywedgies said...

How sweet - he has the perfect little lips. Kelsie can't get over how much Josiah looks like Caleb and she thinks that Levi will look like the other two boys. He is precious - glad you guys are home and that Nana got there just in time. Enjoying the pictures!!

Mary Beth said...

Such a sweet and beautiful story! I love the big family picture!

allison coates said...

WOW! What a great birth story. I just loving hearing how it all came about, and especially with your mom here. Have fun with your 3 boys!!! Did you ever think that you'd be a mom to 3 boys - God is good.