Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Tradition Continued

When Josiah was born, I was very concerned about wanting Caleb to feel completely included in everything that was going on since he had been the only child for so long. We had a gift for him at the hospital from Josiah and we sent him to Build-a-Bear with Granddaddy to make a animal for Josiah and one for himself. He also had a Big Brother shirt. Those things really seemed to make him feel included in everything. With this pregnancy, he remembered everything from last time. I had the gifts from Levi ready to go for the boys. I had the Big Brother shirts packed. I kind of forgot about Build-a-Bear. I thought about it but not too much. After Levi was born, Caleb was very concerned that he and Josiah needed to make a bear for Levi. So, when Levi was less than a week old, Nana and I took all three boys up to Build-a-Bear and Caleb and Josiah made a bear for Levi. It just happened to be the same bear that Caleb had made the week before for completing his chart in school. Josiah was pretty oblivious to what was going on, but Caleb took this task very seriously.

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