Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Best News of the Day!

The past few days haven't been the greatest. I've been pretty tired which always leads to me feeling extra emotional. That it turn leads to me complaining in my mind alot about my husband (and I'm sure to him too) and not being as patient with Caleb and Josiah. My mom and sister always get to hear about it as we talk everyday. I think they realized I was pretty near the end of my rope which leads to tears for a couple of days until I'm not feeling as tired. I sometimes think it's my body's way of saying it's time to rest, you've pushed yourself too far. I need to learn to just stop and rest and not feel guilty about it.

Late this afternoon, my sister calls (we had already talked a couple of times that day) and comments that it seems like I hadn't had a very good day and that she had some good news to tell me. She goes on to tell me that she, Brock, and Braxton will be arriving on Tuesday to stay almost an entire week with us, just in time for Caleb's birthday! I am so excited! It was supposed to be a surprise, but I'm so glad she told me now. I'm already feeling better and can hardy wait to see them! We are still surprising the boys though. It was perfect timing. I can hardly wait to see how big Brock has gotten and for Braxton to get to know us all over again. They also get to meet Levi for the first time. What fun it will be with five little boys in our house! Thanks Ry, for making my day!


RyAnn said...

Yipee! We can't wait. We have been planning since before little Levi was born. I am so glad we will make it for Caleb's birthday! Poor Brock thought it was today.

The O'Connell's said...

So excited for you!

bartleywedgies said...

Hope you guys have a good time - can't wait to see the pictures. Hang in there!