Sunday, April 29, 2007

Caleb's 7th Birthday

Caleb at IHOP

Brock, Daddy, Caleb, and Josiah

Caleb at Chuck E. Cheese

A lot has gone on this past week. It will take me several post to update on all of our happenings. The first was Caleb's birthday. I picked RyAnn, Brock, and Braxton up at the airport around lunch time and then brought them back to the house to surprise Caleb. He was surprised alright, but seemed to take it in stride. Caleb was ready to open presents and have cake and ice cream once they arrived. It definitely made his birthday seem more like a party. We then met one of his friends and his family at Chuck E. Cheese for dinner and some playtime. All the little ones had a blast and since it was on a weekday, it wasn't too crowded. I think Caleb enjoyed his 7th birthday.

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Panda-Mom said...

So glad to see you smiling with your sis! All the pics looks so fun and much needed times of making memories together!! ; )