Thursday, April 05, 2007

Choosing Daddy

I knew the day would come. I just wasn't expecting it so soon. But I know I should be thankful. Tonight, Josiah wanted Daddy to put him to sleep, not me. Wow! I'm in shock, even a little teary-eyed since this is such a monumental moment for us.

From the time Josiah was born, he enjoyed nursing to sleep. When he gave up nursing, he has always enjoyed snuggling up with Mommy every night except for the night that he stayed with Nana when Levi was born. Last night, we all squeezed in Caleb's bed and Caleb and Josiah were quickly asleep. This was the first time at night that he let Daddy even snuggle up next to him. Well, tonight I had all the boys in Josiah's bed. Kerry was at one of the church's many Easter services this year. When Daddy got home, Josiah was so excited to see Daddy that he didn't want Mommy and wanted Daddy to lay down with him in Caleb's bed. He was asleep in about 5 minutes. I'm glad he's bonding with Daddy more and more and I know he still needs me. He's growing up.

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bartleywedgies said...

Hope you guys had a good Easter. Josiah is growing up - he looks so big in that pictures. Talk soon. bartleys