Sunday, April 01, 2007

First Bath and Other News

Levi had his first official bath on Saturday night, March 31. Both Caleb and Josiah thought it was really great that Levi was getting a bath other than just a quick rinse off. Levi tolerated it. We borrowed the bath tub from friends since this is the one and only time we needed one so that we could document his bath with pictures.

We have had an extremely busy week, at least it was for me. We took a trip to the doctor on Tuesday for Josiah and then x-rays to check his foot. He had fallen on Monday night and was limping and crying when he tried to walk on his big right toe. Nothing was broken but he did limp for a couple of days. We also had small group one night, friends over another night, and a couple of others brought the boys and I lunch this week. Caleb also had baseball and Kidquest this week on top of trying to start school back up. It's been a challenge getting school started back up with everything that has been going on. This week looks pretty busy as well but then things should slow down for a little while after Easter. Yeah!


RyAnn said...

I am so glad Levi got to take a bath! I love it when they get all clean!

The O'Connell's said...

We love the self portrait of "you all!"

bartleywedgies said...

love the pics - baby baths are so sweet. He looks happy with it - no fussy face. Sounds like you guys are adjusting nicely. Hope you have a Happy Easter.