Monday, April 16, 2007

In the Dirt -- Levi's First Trip

Caleb stopping long enough to get a picture.

Josiah, Caleb, and Daddy

Dan taking Kendra for a ride (friends in our small group)

The campsite

Mrs. Joni taking Josiah for his first ride on a dirt bike.
Josiah took it very seriously.

Kendra with Jessica (I love this picture!)

Daddy didn't want Levi to miss out on sitting
on a dirt bike.

This past weekend, Levi took his first trip away from home, breaking Caleb and Josiah's records. Caleb made his first trip at 7 weeks, Josiah at 6 weeks, and now Levi at 5 weeks. Notice the pattern?

We have a ministry at our church called In the Dirt. It is for families that enjoy riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers along with camping. A very nice family allowed us to borrow their camper and our friends from our small group loaned us their expedition so we could pull the camper. We left Thursday at lunch time only to have to stop somewhere due to wind. Kerry was driving so I didn't pay close attention to where we were. We eventually made it to the desert that evening in time to have dinner and turn in for the night.

Caleb enjoyed all day Friday and Saturday riding dirt bikes graciously loaned by the same two families mentioned above. He even took a fall while jumping a ramp and scratched his arm up, but came up ready for more. Kerry was able to ride a little each day as well. Josiah had a blast playing outside and getting dirty. He also enjoyed playing with his friend Kendra. He even went poop in the potty for the very first time. Way to go! Levi loved the extra time that Mommy could sit and hold him. He did not complain one bit when we were driving and he was in his car seat. I enjoyed getting to read, visiting with friends, and having Kerry take care of almost everything since I don't have experience with anything related to the outdoors. I'm not sure this is my cup of tea, but knowing how much all of my boys loved the weekend, I guess I need to get used to it if I want to spend time with them as they continue to grow up.


Kristi said...

You are one brave mama! I would be a nervous wreck I think! Looks like you all had fun!

Panda-Mom said...

These are all such cute pics!! I was also thinking that you are going to have to grow some thick, brave momma skin to have FOUR men in your life keeping you on your polished toes! ; )

RyAnn said...

Glad yall had fun. I never imagined you "camping", even in a camper!

The O'Connell's said...

Thank you for making our weekend that much more fun! We enjoy you guys so much!