Sunday, April 29, 2007

Our Week in a Nutshell

Josiah, Brock, and Caleb at the Wild Animal Park

Brock, RyAnn, Braxton, Caleb, Josiah, Mommy,and Levi

Brock, Josiah, and Caleb at church

Levi and Aunt RyAnn

**Wednesday -- We took time to let RyAnn, Brock and Braxton adjust to the time change. We ventured out to Target with all five children. I have to admit it was a zoo trying to get all five kids in the car, 4 that are in carseats. Caleb had a game that evening and we all enjoyed watching him play.

**Thursday -- This was our day to go to the Wild Animal Park. It took so long for us to get ready since we were packing lunches for the day and making sure everyone had toys, sunblock, strollers, etc. Everyone was excited since this was our first trip to the Wild Animal Park. Overall, we had a good time and even squeezed in some shopping at the outlet stores on our way back home (okay -- the outlets were a few exits out of the way, but we were so close). Caleb was pretty patient with two little boys wanting to follow him around constantly. We did rearrange the carseats in the car with the babies in the very back with Caleb and Brock and Josiah in the middle. This seemed the best arrangement for everyone. Caleb did great making sure the babies had their pacifiers.

**Friday -- In the morning, we played at home and got ready to go to the beach after lunch. Caleb was so glad to see the ocean again. I don't see how he can stand the cold water. Brock and Josiah enjoyed playing in the sand and Braxton and Levi enjoyed being held and relaxing in their bouncer seats. Sometimes, I wish my backyard was the ocean.

**Saturday -- Caleb had a baseball game. RyAnn, Brock, and Braxton decided to have a relaxing morning at the house while we went to the ball game. After the little ones took naps, we enjoyed a low key late afternoon and evening at home letting the boys play in the backyard.

**Sunday -- We all took Caleb to baseball practice which allowed Brock and Josiah to run around outside. Sunday evening we managed to make it to church with all five boys. We arrived late but made it. After church, RyAnn needed to run into Target, so I dropped her off and drove through Wendy's with the boys. While in line, my temperature light came on saying that my van was too hot. I picked up RyAnn and then we had to wait in the parking lot for Kerry to come take us in shifts back to the house. What a way for them to end their visit!

**Monday -- Today, Levi and I took RyAnn, Brock and Braxton to the airport while Caleb and Josiah stayed with Daddy since there was no room in the car. They made it home safely and life returns back to normal around her for at least a few days.

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bartleywedgies said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. All the boys are so cute - I can't wait to see them all in 5 years.....have a good week being "back to normal."