Sunday, May 20, 2007

End of the Season

Levi at home after the game. He's 10 and a half weeks old!

Josiah insisted on having his picture taken with Levi.

Go Reds!

Caleb and Daddy after the game.

Yesterday marked the end of the spring baseball season for our family. Caleb had a wonderful experience playing in the single A division this year. He was the youngest player in the entire division but managed to hold his own pretty well. He's already looking forward to playing winterball this fall.

Yesterday morning, Caleb's game started at 7:30am! I am not a morning person but couldn't miss the last game of the season. Unfortunately, our team lost this game, only the second one for them to lose out of 19 games this season. The trophies that were given out after the end of the game changed their solemn moods. Then we had their end of the year party at the park at noon. Caleb and Josiah had a blast being free to run about and play. Caleb loved the new park and playing ball just for fun with his teammates. I think several of them would have played until dark if we would have let them. I'm so glad Caleb enjoyed playing again this year.

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