Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We finally got a new bed!

Kerry and I started off our married life on a full size mattress. Looking back, I can't believe we managed that, but we did. I also can't believe that we managed to co-sleep with Caleb in that bed for awhile after he was born. When he was almost a year old, we purchased a queen size bed. I thought that was the biggest we'd ever want or need. We bought what we thought was going to be a great mattress. I should have researched what kind of bed was right for us. We came home with a plush soft bed and really needed a firmer mattress. It took us a couple of years to admit to each other that this wasn't our ideal mattress. And then Josiah was born, a tosser and a turner. A queen size bed did not fit him whatsoever. We definitely needed a king, but managed to survive without one. Now, we have three kids who end up in our bed every night. I'm not complaining, but I definitely wanted something bigger.

After asking around and everyone saying Custom Comfort was the place to go, we decided to go check their store out. They were super nice and not pushy at all. They walked us through all the different types of mattresses. They were kid friendly, but good about setting ground rules -- like it's okay to crawl or lay on the beds but no standing or jumping. To make a long story short, we bought a king size bed that Kerry really liked (I was most concerned about his comfort level.). They delivered it the next day and that was a good experience as well. They even vacuumed for me since my hands were full. We have slept on it for two nights and it's really comfortable. We don't have to move around as much at night now since there is plenty of room in our bed for little visitors. If you need a new mattress, I highly recommend them.

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