Thursday, May 17, 2007

The New Bike

Kerry has sold his street motorcycle and purchased something known as a dual sport. I have no idea if I'm spelling that correctly or even saying it correctly. Basically, it means that he can ride it on the street and in the dirt. I'm not for sure what it's name is or anything like that, but all the boys are excited. You should have heard Caleb and Josiah's excitement when Daddy came pulling into the driveway yesterday! The boys insisted that this exciting day be mentioned on the blog. I don't see how this could be more exciting than a mattress. Just kidding! I know my boys are huge dirt bike fans, and I love them just the same.


RyAnn said...

Looks pretty cool! Now we just need a picture of Levi.

The O'Connell's said...

This post made me laugh! It has taken me 6 years to learn and I am still learning! I do know this, the stickers on the side are called graphics and I love Kerry's graphics! It's all about what it looks like :-)

Kerry said...

It is called a, "KTM 450 EXC" and it ROCKS! Ask anyone!