Monday, May 28, 2007

Not Quite Used to This

I'm not used to my kids getting sick. I have to say that overall we have a pretty healthy family. None of our children have ever had an antibiotic. Caleb and Josiah have had an occassional cough and runny nose, but nothing big. At Caleb's 7 year check up, Dr. Bob responded that they rarely see Caleb. He hadn't been in since his last well check visit the year before.

Last Wednesday, Josiah got a fever sometime during the night. That was his only symptom and it lasted all of about 24 hours. He was wound up on the motrin I gave him to bring the fever down. Motrin does not calm my children down. It gives them extra energy for some reason. This morning, Caleb complained of his head hurting and for some reason it didn't concern me. He was acting like his normal self. Well, tonight at dinner, he didn't look well at all. He could barely hold his head up and had no energy. When I went to feel his head, I knew before taking his temperature that he was sick. I don't know if there is a 24 hour fever virus going around, but I hope the rest of us don't get it. Hopefully, Caleb will be feeling well once again in the next day or so.

On a random note, the big boys got their hair cut on Friday. I will try and post some pics of their haircuts once Caleb is feeling better.

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