Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Purse

Do you remember that very special first gift that you picked out for your mom or dad with no one's help? That it was your very own idea? I remember one Mother's Day I was determined to get my Mom a flower. My Dad tried to get me to get her something else, but I knew I wanted to get her a flower. I was in first or second grade. The night before Mother's Day, my Dad took me to the store and let me get her a flower. I don't even know if she remembers that year, but I will always remember how I was able to get her what I thought she would love, and I was so proud of that flower.

This year, Caleb had an idea for my Mother's Day gift. After Kidquest one night, Kerry calls me on their way home and suggests I give them a list. I expain that it didn't matter what Caleb got me. I would treasure the fact that it came from his heart. Kerry went on to say I really needed to make a list. I started envisioning some really random idea. Later, he told me that Caleb wanted to get me a purse. At bedtime, Caleb asked me what I wanted. I gave him a few ideas and then he said he already knew what I needed. So, when Kerry and Caleb headed out to shop, I mentioned to Kerry that if a purse was the gift, to encourage a small one that would fit in the diaper bag. And guess what I got? A purse! Caleb picked it out all by himself and it is small enough to fit in the diaper bag. I will probably keep this purse for years to come as a reminder of Caleb's love for me and what he thought was the best gift for me at that time. He does have good taste!


Panda-Mom said...

He DOES have good taste! That is adorable! Thank goodness it isn't HOT PINK LEATHER or LIME GREEN, huh? LOL! ; )

ColoradoDreaming said...

I don't know if you will remember me, but I go to Mayfield Road, Terri Harr. I remember you very well. I can't believe you have 3 boys already!!! How wonderful! I have 4 kids, my youngest is 5 1/2. My oldest turned 20 in Feb. Time does fly. Speaking of special gifts from our children...my younger ones do so much for me but my 8 year old really wanted to go spend his money on some flowers for me but my darling husband is not very good about taking them out to get stuff for me. Now that my older daughter is grown I have had two wonderful mother's day gifts from her. Last year she took a photo from her camera of her and I and put it in a frame. I cherish that so much. This year she got me a wonderful book called "What every daugher wants her mother to know". She put some wonderful words in the cover that made me cry. But the most cherished gift she gave me that day was the 4 hours we sat at the kitchen table and she told me how the Lord was calling her back to the place she left off when teen/boy trouble almost destroyed her life and she was praying more and ready to follow where He leads again. My mothers heart just melted! We sat there and laughed and cried for hours! It was the best! Isn't motherhood the grandest gift (after salvations, of course) that God ever gifted us with?

RyAnn said...

The purse is really cute! What a special gift. I love that it was his idea. I can't wait to see hair cut pictures.