Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Today was Levi's echo cardiogram, basically an ultrasound of his heart. Caleb and Josiah went and played at Kendra and Drew's house. They both were pretty excited about it, but I was a little nervous about how Josiah would do. He did great. He went right to Mrs. Jessica when we got there and never looked back. He's only been away from Kerry and I at the same time 3-5 times his entire life. He's growing up!

Levi did really good during his appointment. I was able to hold him the entire time which made me feel better. The ultrasound took all of 12 minutes but it seemed to last so much longer than that. The technician told us nothing, except basic information like pointing out the four chambers of the heart, etc. I know they aren't supposed to say anything, but a hint would have been nice. Now we wait which seems to be the hardest part. The results have to be read by a doctor and then sent over to our doctor who will then call us. Our doctor should receive the results either tonight or tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we will hear from Dr. Bob sometime tomorrow. We're praying for great results!

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