Monday, June 18, 2007

Backyard Playtime

The boys love playing in the backyard. I still think Josiah would live outside if given the chance. A couple of weeks ago, we finally bought a pool for the summer. Last summer, we never got around to buying one. Our community has several pools for us to enjoy, and we used them frequently. This year with three boys I don't think I should attempt the pools without Kerry. We would probably be fine, but Josiah requires constant supervision and even at the Beach Club that is not too deep, he still needs to be within reaching distance. So, we will enjoy time at the pools when Daddy can go with us.

Josiah and Caleb stopping long enough for a picture.

Levi sporting one of his swimsuits. I didn't keep him out long, because I didn't want him to burn.

Josiah taking a break from swimming to ride his tricycle.

This is what happens when water is still in the pool, and Josiah isn't wearing a swimsuit. He gets in the pool anyway, shoes and all. It doesn't phase him.


ColoradoDreaming said...

They look like they are having such fun! Sami just moved into a new apartment so we are hoping to get to swim with her this summer. Usually we do sprinklers in the back or front yards. It is soooo hot here that we have to let them do something!

Jessica, Kendra, and Drew said...

We can't wait to play!

Panda-Mom said...

Looks so fun! It has been nice and overcast here forEVER! It keeps the temp down, but it seems like we aren't ever going to get to swim! ; )