Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Calm Week

I have had a very relaxing week other than the experience at the doctor's office. Caleb is finally starting to get his energy back today. Monday and Tuesday Caleb pretty much layed around the house barely eating and having little energy for much. Although I don't like seeing him sick, it gave us a good reason not to be out and about exposing people to his germs. Today, we've enjoyed playing in the backyard, reading books, cleaning windows (yes the boys thought this was fun), and just relaxing. I've also started our school schedule for the summer. My plan is to still engage Caleb in lessons but in a less structured setting. Our summer will include many outdoor activities -- swimming at the pool when Daddy is available, trips to the park, walks around the block, exploring nature and whatever else we come up with. Caleb's main instruction time will take place during Josiah's naptime. That's when we will focus on reading books that Caleb finds interesting, creative writing, and working on math facts. We will also focus alot on science and art this summer. I'm really excited about a change in pace and I know Caleb is too. Tomorrow we go and pick Daddy up from the airport. The boys are very excited that Daddy is coming home. Okay, I will admit that I'm glad he's coming home too.

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