Saturday, June 09, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by my friend Terri to do this meme. Here is how it works: You share four things that were new to you in the past four years. Four things you learned or experienced or explored for the first time in the past four years. New house, new school, new hobby, new spouse, new baby, whatever. Then you have to list four new things you want to try in the next four years.

Four things I have learned, experienced or explored for the first time in the past four years.

1. After several years of thinking we were going to have only one child, we became pregnant with Josiah. We were very excited to learn that we would have another little one to love. He is our blessing from God. And then, much to our surprise we found out that God was giving us a third child. What a joy Levi has been in his first three months of life.

2. I moved out of my beloved home state of Texas to California, a place I thought I would never live. I never imagined moving west for some reason. Whenever I thought about us potentially moving out of state, my mind always drifted to the east of Texas. I have no idea why but that's what I thought.

3. After moving to California, I learned that I'm not alone in this attachment parenting thing. For years I felt pretty much alone in this AP thing, but now I don't. It does help that our pediatrician is well known in the AP world and has written books about it. I now know a few real live people that parent the way we do.

4. I had the honor of taking care of my Pappy until he passed away in November of 2005. I learned so much during that time -- how to truly love through the good and the bad, how to give selflessly, and how one smile from Pappy could change someone's day even when there were no words. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Through this experience, I also learned that this is the kind of care I feel our parents deserve and want to give them if they ever need it.

Four things I want to try/do in the next four years.

1. I want to enjoy my husband and kids. I sit here and look at how much will happen in the next four years and how old each of my boys will be. I want to look back and see that I really took time to love on them, play with them, support them, teach them, encourage them, and train them in the way they should go. I also want to work on being a little more spontaneous with them -- like when Kerry suggests going to the beach or for a walk, I'll stop my cleaning (which will still be there) and savor the time spent together.

2. I want to have a closer relationship with God. Having young babies sometimes makes it hard to find a consistent time to spend with God for me. It was so much easier to find that special time with God when I was in high school and college. I would like to look back in four years and see that I've once again gotten in a groove in spending regular time with God.

3. I want to take a long road trip. I would love to take a camper, husband, kids, and dog and just go. I would love to to be gone a month or more and explore the United States. Honestly, one of my dreams is to homeschool on the road for an entire year. I can already see all the history and geography lessons.

4. Dare I say this last one? I want to add to our family, but I have no idea what this looks like. At this current time, I feel our little family is complete, but I also feel God has one more child for our family. I know Kerry is great with three like he was with two and one. This child could be another biological child. He/she could be from another country or through foster care. I just don't know, but I want to be open to God's leading on this. It might not even happen in the next four years.


ColoradoDreaming said...

Thanks, for doing the meme. I enjoyed reading your answers. I feel the same way about most of what you wrote. What a great joy and a great gift our children are. Thanks again. Hugs!

The O'Connell's said...

That was so fun to read!