Sunday, June 24, 2007

Patch Him Up!

I'm trying to get a picture of his eye. He thought I meant for him to close his eyes.

His eye is already purple and swollen today. I'm sure it will look worse over the next couple of days.

Oh, Josiah -- not again! He is going to do me in by the time he's eighteen or maybe five. Our week had gone so well. We went swimming, played at the park, took walks around the block, and just enjoyed ourselves. And then we get to last night. Kerry was at church and Josiah was having a sudden burst of energy. It was 8:30pm. Josiah was sitting in the red chair in the loft when he falls to the toy filled floor. His face hit the wooden block box as he came crashing down. Blood was everywhere -- the floor, all over Josiah and myself, the light switch, and the bathtub to name a few. Fortunately, the bleeding stopped once I applied pressure to the cut. Poor Caleb was trying to call Daddy and take care of Levi at the same time. We couldn't get Daddy on the phone so we called our friends (thanks Dan and Jessica) who were able to get in touch with Kerry. Once Kerry got home and looked at it, he gave us two options. The first we could take him for stitches and it would scar or he could put a butterfly on it and it would scar. I opted for no stitches. I love how Kerry phrased it last night, "Mom, I think this is the kid that we're just going to patch back together."

I know this will not be the last with Josiah. This morning he was doing forward rolls off the couch and laughing. He was trying to do headstands like his brother. He was climbing to the top of the swingset. He was running through the house chasing Caleb. But when he finally slows down, he's out in a flash. This afternoon, we were attempting to take baths before church. He climbed right in, snuggled up next to me, and fell asleep in the bathtub. Only Josiah. This is only the beginning.


ColoradoDreaming said...

Poor baby! I totally relate! Jonathan is my kid that gets bunged up. His head is always the "target". He runs into everything and has bruises on his head. His little sister even knocked a 19" tv on to his head when he was almost 4. He was laying on the floor watching it as he sister got inbetween the bed and tv table. He ended up looking like he had a batman mask on after a couple of days. I didn't take a picture of it. I guess I should have. To this day his head is a little odd shaped from that.

Cindy Cates said...

Oh the joys of having BOYS :) My nephew, Jacob, just broke his arm for the second time!
I added you to my new blog links :)
Cin ;-)

Ashley said...


Mary Beth said...

Poor guy! We call Brynn "Debbie Distruct-o" Hope it heals well.

RyAnn said...

Poor Josiah! He looks tough!