Monday, July 30, 2007

4 Month Old Stats

The day we left for Texas, Levi had his 4 month old check up. Bless his heart, he wasn't feeling well. The night before, it appeared that he had developed croup with the horrible seal like cough. It didn't seem to bother him, but it kept me up off and on all night. A couple of times, I took him outside in the cool air to see if that would help him breathe better. Fortunately, the humid air in Texas cleared it up rather quickly. Dr. Bob still hears the heart murmur and says there has not been any change. We continue to pray that he will outgrow it by the time he is a year old. If not, we will be referred to a pediatric cardiologist. Here is the comparison of all three boys at 4 months:

Levi: 17 pounds, 2 ounces; 26 and 1/2 inches
Josiah: 18 pounds, 12 ounces; 27 and 1/4 inches
Caleb: 17 pounds, 2 ounces; 27 and 1/2 inches long

Levi continues to be pretty laid back. He gets his fair share of snuggles, probably a little more than the other two since we seem to be more on the go and he enjoys the comfort of being carried in the sling. He loves both of his brothers and his face lights up when they talk to him. Last week, he discovered his toes. It's so cute to watch him roll up and stick one in his mouth. I'll have to try and take a picture of it. He also loves chewing on fingers. He continues to sleep well only waking up to eat. It's hard to believe that he will probably be crawling all over the place by Christmas. He's growing up way too fast!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Priceless Pictures

During our trip to Texas, we had the boys' pictures taken with Brock and Braxton. I also wanted to get a few individuals of the boys as well. Cindi did a very good job of capturing all of the boys personalities. She owns Selah Studios and I highly recommend her. I was amazed that we actually got a few decent shots of all 5 boys together. I am even more amazed that you can't tell that Josiah fell and cut his lip open just minutes before taking the pictures! Only Josiah!

There are a couple of better ones of my three boys but I couldn't help posting this picture of them with Josiah's hands on his face, Caleb forcing a smile thinking why do I have to hold onto these two brothers of mine, and Levi just enjoying it all.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Early Birthday

On Tuesday, we decided to have an early birthday for Josiah while we were in Texas. He was so proud to have a special day. Nana and Granddaddy suggested we go to Chuck E. Cheese to let the boys play and then have dinner at the house. Of course, the boys loved playing and Josiah had a blast opening gifts later that night.

Brock and Josiah and Chuck E. Cheese

Caleb playing one of the games

Josiah with his new keyboard

Brock sandwiched between Caleb and Josiah

Nana and Granddaddy with all their grandsons. Are their enough grandkids? Who would have guessed all boys? Here's an interesting bit of information. My dad has one brother. His brother had four boys. My dad had two girls. My aunt and uncle have all granddaughters and my parents have all grandsons.

Mommy and Braxton

Levi bonding with Aunt RyAnn

The two babies

Fossil Rim

On Monday (July 23rd), the day after we returned from Arkansas, Nana and Granddaddy took us to Fossil Rim. Brock also got to come along for the trip which the boys were super excited about. If you've never been to Fossil Rim, I really think it's worth the money. It is beautiful out there and I can't wait to take Kerry there with the boys sometime. We all had a wonderful time and the boys were exhausted when we got home. All four boys fell asleep on the way home and slept even longer once we got home.

Caleb excited about seeing the animals

Levi and Nana

Granddaddy and Josiah. Josiah liked watching the animals as long as the big ones didn't try to stick their heads in our car. He loved the "baby deer" and would point everyone of them out.

Caleb loves birds and enjoyed this area of Fossil Rim

Levi, Nana, Caleb, Josiah, Granddaddy and Brock. I tried to get a good picture of Brock alone, but he was very focused on the animals and didn't want to miss a thing.

This was the highlight of the trip for Caleb -- the giraffe eating out of his hand.

Mommy and Levi

Arkansas Visit

After Kerry went back to California, the boys, Nana, and I headed for Arkansas to introduce Levi to Papa. The boys did pretty well with the traveling. Josiah shared his loud screaming with us on the way home. It was happy screaming but not fun to the ears. Caleb was very excited to get to see Papa since he knew he was going to get to fish. He just knew he was going to catch another fish and he did!

7/20/07 Levi with Papa. Levi was always all smiles for Papa!

7/21/07 Caleb with his fish

7/21/07 Nana and all the boys before going to dinner

7/21/07 An attempt at a picture of all three

7/22/07 Papa and Caleb

7/22/07 Papa and Josiah

7/22/07 Papa, Loriece and boys at the rock shop. We had told Caleb about the rock stores they have in Hot Springs. He thought it was a lot of fun to look at all of the rocks, crystals and glass. He even came home with a small bag of rocks (Josiah did too.).

7/22/07 Josiah on the way home. He was enjoying some time in the front seat "driving" (we were parked) while I nursed Levi.

Time with Friends

While in Texas, we were able to spend some time with the Hagans. Just in case you didn't know, I had the privilege of taking care of Ethan and Kylie from the time they were both babies. Now they are 6 years old and 4 years old. The kids were so excited to see each other like always. Josiah thought it was so much fun and loved saying their names. I wish we could put them on a plane anytime we wanted to see them. I have to share a story that Gloria told me. She said that Ethan had shared with someone that he had a brother that came out of another Mommy's tummy. I thought that was the cutest thing. They are so much like brothers since they were basically raised together until Caleb was 5. I was able to get a few cute pictures before we said our goodbyes.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday, Josiah!

July 26, 2005

July 26, 2006

July 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Josiah! These two years have flown by with Josiah. It has been wonderful watching him grow this year. He is entering the little boy phase, gradually leaving the baby phase behind. He has learned so much this year. His language has exploded over the past two weeks. He will try to say almost anything and he remembers it. His newest phrase is, "Oh my goodness!" He's says it so cute too. He's learning colors, the alphabet, and counting. He's getting pretty good at throwing the ball. It's hard to tell if he will be left or right handed. He throws well with his right hand, but kicks with his left foot and swings a bat and golf club using the left stance. We are letting him explore and figure out which way works best for him.

He still has a loud voice and loves to scream. We're trying to replace the screaming with singing and animal sounds. It's slow going. I love the twinkle in his eye. It makes me wonder what he's thinking. Last year at this time, he was waking up at least 3-4 times a night. Now he's sleeping through the night on a regular basis. He loves snuggling up with mommy at naps and bedtime but loves being able to move around a lot when he's sleeping. He will even choose daddy to snuggle with from time to time.

Yesterday, I had to run to the store after we got home from the airport and for the first time in his life, he chose to stay home with daddy. I even put the bag on my shoulder with keys in my hand and all he said was, "Bye, Mom." He loves going places and so I was a little in shock when he chose to stay home. He still loves his pacis which will be gone after Christmas. Our plan is for him to be potty trained before Christmas and then say goodbye to the pacis. At least once or twice a day, he will tell us when he needs to go potty. Now that we're home, we plan on working hard on it. He has definitely been a wonderful, spirited blessing in our lives. I thank God for him.

We're Back!

The boys and I just got back to California yesterday afternoon. We had a great time in Texas and I plan on blogging about our trip over the next few days. But today, we plan on celebrating Josiah turning 2!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I know I haven't posted in awhile. I have been busy getting ready for our trip to Texas. It is so good to be back. Below are a couple of posts about our trip so far. I'm not sure when I'll post again or even be able to read blogs since I'm savoring the time we have here. I may just wait until we get back to California to post again but know we are alive and well.

Levi Meets Granny

Granny and Levi

Everyone at dinner minus Kerry who was taking the picture

Kerry, Caleb, Josiah, Granny and Levi

We got off the airplane around 10:00pm Wednesday night. We were then on the road by 10:00am the next morning headed to Gladewater. The boys were such great travelers in the car. It was so good to see Granny again. We hadn't seen her since Christmas and boy did she spoil us! She had plenty of new toys for the boys to enjoy. One of her friends loaned her a swimming pool for the backyard and the boys had a blast! Kerry enjoyed one of his favorite home-cooked meals by his mom. And she even washed all of our clothes! We spent the day Thursday letting the boys play and relaxing.

Friday, we did a little shopping and went to the zoo in Tyler (I think it's the Caldwell Zoo.) I like it just about as much as I like the Fort Worth Zoo. They are both well layed out and easy to see everything. Friday evening, we met Kerry's sister and family for dinner. My have they grown! I still remember meeting Josh, Abigail, Morgan and Elizabeth when they were preschoolers!

Saturday, we enjoyed another lazy day at the house. The boys played, Josiah took a good nap, and we probably ate too much. After dinner, we said goodbye and headed back to Arlington. Levi slept the entire way back to Arlington while Josiah stayed awake watching the cars go by the entire ride home.

First Flight

Last Wednesday, we packed up our three boys and headed to Texas. This was Levi's first flight. He did not beat the flying record in our house. Caleb's first flight was when he was 7 weeks old and Josiah was 6 weeks old. Overall, the flight went well. Levi wasn't feeling too well, but did very well on the airplane. Caleb was great as always. Then there is our Josiah who we love very much. God has blessed him with a loud voice which he hasn't quite learned how to control. He wasn't horrible, but was a little loud at the beginning until he fell asleep for the remainder of the flight. All of the new toys and snacks had no appeal to him. But we made it all in one piece and were very glad to see Nana and Granddaddy at the airport to greet us at 10:00 at night.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fourth of July

We had a very relaxing Fourth of July this year. We were supposed to meet some friends at the park to cook out, let the kids play, and watch fireworks. Sadly, Jessica was sick and they couldn't make it. We decided we would go anyway back to the same place we went last year. We got all of our things set up and the next thing we know, we hear someone asking if they could crash our party. Two families we met up with last year at the same park were coming back again with their small group. One of the families had a son close to Caleb's age and they had fun playing together. There were plenty of younger kids for Josiah to run around with as well.

For some reason, this park isn't crowded. Maybe it's the ants since this is the only place I've ever seen ants out here in California. The good part is we have perfect viewing of several fireworks shows. Once again, Josiah was scared of the fireworks. Josiah, Levi and I sat in a chair while Josiah closed his eyes. Once they were over, he was fine. Maybe next year he will be able to enjoy them. Overall, we had a good time, and I'm glad we didn't choose to stay home. And I love putting my family in matching Fourth of July t-shirts. I know my years are limited, and I'm glad my husband doesn't complain about it.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday Morning

I'm sure you all know by now that I'm not a morning person. I don't even like to roll out of bed until 8am or later. Well, Josiah has been sleeping better in the past couple of weeks which makes him wake up a little earlier. Only once or twice this week has he woken up in the middle of the night. When he does, I simply go lay down with him in his bed. He's got a full size bed which leaves plenty of room to include Levi as well. I'm actually looking forward to the day when he just walks into our room and crawls into our bed without us even waking up.

Last night, Josiah woke up sometime in the middle of the night. So, I took Levi and went to Josiah's room. At about 7:30am this morning, I heard Caleb blowing his nose loudly. That in turn wakes Josiah up and he pops out of bed. I'm laying in his bed hoping to catch a little more sleep when I hear a "Hello." I hear the "Hello" several more times before it registers in my brain. Josiah had gotten a hold of my cell phone and called my friend Jessica. I was so out of it and it took me a few seconds to figure out who he had called and I could hardly see since I didn't have my glasses. I think I apologized (if not, we're sorry) and she graciously told me to hang up since she knows I'm not a morning person. After telling Josiah not to call people on the cell phone, I crawled back in my bed for about five more minutes. Then, I decided to go downstairs and cook some breakfast. When I put my foot on the floor of the downstairs, my left foot just crumbled and I came falling down (Levi is fine). I basically slid back onto the stairs. Now I have a pretty sore foot. It's not swollen or anything like that , just irritating enough to be a nuisance. What a great start to a Monday morning.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A New Expression

Just today Levi has started making this new expression. It made me laugh since he did it for several minutes. It's hard to believe that in less than a week, Levi will be four months old. When Josiah was four months old, we were pretty much unpacked and trying to settle into life out here in California. And when Caleb was a little over four months old, I started taking care of Pappy. Levi also started really laughing this week. He's laughed in the past when Daddy makes him laugh by tickling him. But the other day, I leaned over to kiss him on the cheek and he started laughing. It's the cutest sound! We don't have much planned for this week. No big plans for the Fourth of July. I'd like to go see fireworks but I'm not sure how Josiah would handle them. He was pretty scared the last time he saw them and even gets upset when he sees them on tv. I just don't want to put him through it when it's not that important.