Friday, July 27, 2007

Arkansas Visit

After Kerry went back to California, the boys, Nana, and I headed for Arkansas to introduce Levi to Papa. The boys did pretty well with the traveling. Josiah shared his loud screaming with us on the way home. It was happy screaming but not fun to the ears. Caleb was very excited to get to see Papa since he knew he was going to get to fish. He just knew he was going to catch another fish and he did!

7/20/07 Levi with Papa. Levi was always all smiles for Papa!

7/21/07 Caleb with his fish

7/21/07 Nana and all the boys before going to dinner

7/21/07 An attempt at a picture of all three

7/22/07 Papa and Caleb

7/22/07 Papa and Josiah

7/22/07 Papa, Loriece and boys at the rock shop. We had told Caleb about the rock stores they have in Hot Springs. He thought it was a lot of fun to look at all of the rocks, crystals and glass. He even came home with a small bag of rocks (Josiah did too.).

7/22/07 Josiah on the way home. He was enjoying some time in the front seat "driving" (we were parked) while I nursed Levi.

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