Sunday, July 15, 2007

Levi Meets Granny

Granny and Levi

Everyone at dinner minus Kerry who was taking the picture

Kerry, Caleb, Josiah, Granny and Levi

We got off the airplane around 10:00pm Wednesday night. We were then on the road by 10:00am the next morning headed to Gladewater. The boys were such great travelers in the car. It was so good to see Granny again. We hadn't seen her since Christmas and boy did she spoil us! She had plenty of new toys for the boys to enjoy. One of her friends loaned her a swimming pool for the backyard and the boys had a blast! Kerry enjoyed one of his favorite home-cooked meals by his mom. And she even washed all of our clothes! We spent the day Thursday letting the boys play and relaxing.

Friday, we did a little shopping and went to the zoo in Tyler (I think it's the Caldwell Zoo.) I like it just about as much as I like the Fort Worth Zoo. They are both well layed out and easy to see everything. Friday evening, we met Kerry's sister and family for dinner. My have they grown! I still remember meeting Josh, Abigail, Morgan and Elizabeth when they were preschoolers!

Saturday, we enjoyed another lazy day at the house. The boys played, Josiah took a good nap, and we probably ate too much. After dinner, we said goodbye and headed back to Arlington. Levi slept the entire way back to Arlington while Josiah stayed awake watching the cars go by the entire ride home.

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