Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2 Year Check Up

Josiah had his two year check up on Monday. Overall, he did really well with Dr. Bob. He weighed in at 30 and 1/2 pounds and is 35 inches tall. I can't find Caleb's records for this age to compare with. Dr. Bob asked about Josiah's cut next to his eye and told us to make sure we kept it covered for the next six months while out in the sun. He received one shot which he didn't even cry from. I'm glad his shots are over for a couple of years. The hardest news was that his pacifier use is messing up his bite. The doctor lightly suggested taking away his pacifier unless it made us all miserable. I was a little in shock since Caleb used a pacifier until he was 2 and 1/2 and he had no such problems. When he asks for his pacifier I explain that the doctor said it was messing up his teeth now that he is two. He's done better than I thought he would. It is taking longer to settle him down for naps and nighttime, but I'm sure it will only improve. The hardest part for me is getting used to him not sleeping through the night again. With a 2 year old crying out at night needing mommy and a baby nursing, it makes me pretty tired come morning. I continue to remind myself that this is only a short phase in our lives and I'm thankful that I am here to meet their needs even in the middle of the night. They will be grown before we know it.

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