Sunday, August 05, 2007

Day 6 Without the Paci

I honestly thought it would get better a whole lot faster than it actually is -- Josiah without his pacifier. Overall, I am so pleased with how he has handled having no pacifiers. He will occassionally ask for it when it's time to sleep but then be okay when I remind him what the doctor said. I am grateful that I can say it was the doctor's decision, not Mommy's. The past two nights have been pretty tiring. The pacifier was his way of winding down and it was quick. Now it's pretty comical what the nights bring (at least the last two nights). We read books, we pray, then he has to go to the bathroom (never happened before), then he drinks some water, then we sing songs, and as his eyes are closing and he is almost completely asleep, he cries out that he needs to go potty again. This has happened for the second night in a row having to go to the bathroom twice and he's not even completely potty trained. I tried to explain tonight that he had already gone but he got so upset that it wasn't worth it. And he did go once we got to the bathroom. If only I could send him to the bathroom without getting out of the bed, then it would be just fine. The middle of the nights seem to be getting a little better or I'm just so tired that I'm not noticing once I'm in there with him how many times he's actually waking up.

Precious Levi is taking a growth spurt on top of Josiah having to give up his pacifier. This means he is nursing more around the clock. He typically nurses one to two times a night but now it's more than that. The good news is he never completely wakes up. Speaking of sleep, I probably should head to bed since all three boys are currently asleep.


ColoradoDreaming said...

I remember those days. When Nick was 20 months old (or close) we just took it away never brought it back out. He had a rough couple of nights but was fine after that. Much better than 4 year olds walking around with one. I feel sorry for them!

Tell your hubby that my hubby just got accepted at Rockbridge and is very excited about it! Your website led me to his which led me to Rockbridge which showed him where God wanted him to go next in this journey for HIM. Thanks!

The Blake Family said...

We don't have a paci going...but that thumb... We'll see what the dentist thinks of that in a few years. Good luck at night. I hope the long nights end soon for you.

Panda-Mom said...

Hey! I visited the other day after the guys talked on the phone, but I didn't comment on how adorably cute all those little guys are in the navy stripes!!! Your parents have to be IN LOVE!