Friday, August 03, 2007

Elmo Birthday

Josiah's Elmo birthday cake (made by Mommy)

Josiah and Daddy

Mommy, Josiah, and Caleb

Yes, Levi was awake and watched Josiah open his presents

I forgot to post pictures from Josiah's actual birthday. Before we left for Texas, he told me he wanted an Elmo birthday cake. Part way through our trip to Texas, he decided he liked Cookie Monster better. Since I had already planned for Elmo, Elmo remained. Josiah was really excited once he saw his cake and presents. Caleb and I had wrapped his gifts and he was devastated that he couldn't open them until Daddy got home. He would not let me put candles on his cake. He got pretty upset when I asked him if he wanted candles. Now he likes to go around singing, Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..." It's pretty cute! We had a pretty low key day. Our original plan was to take him to the zoo when Daddy got home from a meeting but Josiah fell asleep early due to the time zone change and didn't wake up until about an hour before the zoo closed. He didn't seem to miss it. I'm glad he enjoyed his special day.

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The O'Connell Clan said...

Cute pictures!! What a wonderful job you did on that cake!