Saturday, August 11, 2007

How to Clean Wooden Blinds

Today, I was cleaning up after breakfast when I realized I probably should clean some of the wooden blinds in our house. This is probably one of my least favorite tasks when it comes to cleaning. As I used my lovely hand held swiffer duster, I mentioned to Kerry that I wished there was an easier way to clean the blinds. I thought about the vacuum, but the attachment for cleaning drapes and blinds is missing (which means I put it away somewhere after Josiah detached it for the 100th time). We started brainstorming ideas when Kerry suggested that we could use his air compressor for the job. On a whim, brought the air compressor into the house and started cleaning the blinds. I was amazed! They look and feel so much better. He only completed the downstairs but hopefully we can to the upstairs sometime next week. I thought our house was pretty clean until we decided to clean the blinds. I guess it's not as clean as I thought. If you decide to try this method of cleaning your blinds, here are a few suggestions:

*Be prepared for lots of dust flying around.
*Use a mask so you will not inhale the dust.
*Make sure you use the blow tip (I have no idea what this is except Kerry told me that was the attachment he used)
*Allow time for massive clean up after the job is completed -- vacuuming and mopping floors, wiping down counters
*Be creative -- Kerry ended up cleaning the fan, couch, chair and inside the piano (probably 100 years worth of dust) with the air compressor.


ColoradoDreaming said...

Wow! Sounds very interesting but effective! Funny how dirt hides!

Thanks for the comment! Things are going well and we are thanking the Lord for His provision. John is registered and paid for the first class at Rockbridge and ordered his books and singed up for one class at TCC to do the basic courses that go with that degree. I am so excited for him!

The Blake Family said...

Sounds like fun. Wonder if it works on vinyl blinds. Of course, our dust is probably so caked on nothing would work. Ho hum! Thanks for sharing your tip!

The O'Connell Clan said...

I am loving this post! I can just picture the whole moment!

bartleywedgies said...

I would be scared to find out where dirt is hiding in my house....

ColoradoDreaming said...

Please tell your darling husband that we are thrilled to learn that he is in training to be a teacher at Rockbridge! John is so excited to start next week. I am so proud of him. And thankful to the Lord for leading us that direction through our friendships with fellow Christians that we have had the pleasure of knowing throughout the years! You guys are a blessing to us! Even that far away.